What Are Companies In Consumer Service Field And Their Jobs

The consumer services industry has multiple kinds of businesses, each with its services. The consumer service sector is a diverse group in which a range of outlets, restaurants, and hotels are included. We will talk in this article what are companies in the consumer service field and what type of jobs they offer.

Among top companies, McDonald, Hilton Hotels, and Walmart are the most well-known companies in the customer service field. These have been operational for a long time and provide clients with a range of products and services.

Is Consumer Services a Good Career Path?

Consumer service is a good job, and its versatility is unrivaled. Many people use service employment as a stepping stone into other fields. Why do these people have to need to supplement their income?
Whatever you want to do with customer service experience, it must always be beneficial in the long term.
They must learn how to communicate and have patience, improving their professional skills.

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services Field

Customer Service is a significant field and is expanding rapidly. No matter how good your service talent is, you must find opportunities to develop skills that can be used practically in the business. Let’s explore some of the best-paying jobs.

1.Receptionist in a medical office

In multiple consumer services field, finance is the most popular. You can work as a medical receptionist in this field, one of the highest-paying jobs. You get opportunities in hospitals, clinics, and other medical centers to answer phone calls, arrange appointments, make reminders, send assignments, and greet. You can earn almost $38,580 annually as a medical receptionist.


The second best-paying job is receptionist, where you can make almost $46,661 per year. For that purpose, you need the best customer service skills. You work in a front desk area for various businesses, answering questions and greeting customers. Furthermore, you can note the complaints and direct customers to the required departments.

3.Specialist in Client Relations

Another popular job is client relation professional that ensures long-term customer satisfaction on behalf of enterprises. You can earn almost $43,956 per year in this job.

4.Adviser on Customer Service

As an adviser in a customer service company, you can earn almost $43,336 annually. You can work as repair personnel, typical for an auto dealership service center.

5.Attendant on a Plane

Many well-known companies offer you flight attendant jobs. They can earn an average of $41,719 per year. It is considered the fourth best-paying job in the consumer service field. In all private and commercial airlines, the attendant job is available where you greet passengers. Moreover, you give directions to passengers about their seats. Assisting with showing carry-on luggage and ensuring safety compliance with safety equipment demonstrations. Also, service the food throughout the flight and also provide emergency instructions.

Companies in the Consumer Services Field


JetBlue is a popular American low-cost carrier company and ranks at number six in passenger traffic in North America. Jet Blue is an American-based company in the Long Island City of Queens, New York City, with corporate offices in Florida and Utah.

2.American Home Shield

American Home Shield is a home warranty provider company based in Memphis, Tennessee. It is home servicing contracts for major systems and appliances.

3.American Residential Services

American Residential Services is a commercial heating and air conditioning firm based in the United States. It is a plumbing and home company.

4.McDonald’s Corporation

Today, everyone is familiar with McDonald’s. This food chain restaurant was started in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino. California. Now it has been expanded all around the world.

5.Kiddie Academy

Kiddie Academy Educational child care is a learning center in the United States. The headquarter located in Abingdon, Maryland. Kiddie Academy services are available in 30 states over 250 locations.

6.CVS Health Corporation

CVS is a healthcare company located in the United States. This American health company owns multiple brands, including CVS Drugstore, Caremark, a pharmacy benefits manager, a retail drugstore chain, and a health insurance company. The headquarters are located in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.


Amazon is a US-based international technology that specializes in e-commerce. It is one of the world’s most important economic and cultural forces a because of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and digital streaming.

Role of Customer Service in any Company

Customer service is a critical one and important for any company to achieve its goals. It boosts customer retention, which ultimately increases the revenue of the company. Furthermore, it increases the number of customer purchases and creates positive word of mouth for the company.

Bottom Line

Every company, from hotels to hospitals, resorts to educational institutions, travel agencies to insurance firms, offers consumer services. In a nutshell, consumer service companies use technology that improves user experience. In this field, various jobs are available such as web design, network administration, and technical and customer help.

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