What Is Norstrat Everything About Northern Strategy of Canada

Lee Carson founded Norstrat in 1988, which offers technology solutions to government and military agencies. It is a Canadian-based Northern Strategy of Canada.

Norstrat consulting Incorporated company provides consulting services to Canadian and government installations globally. Canadian Northern Strategy aims to ensure safe streets for all Canadians and protect the country’s sovereignty against external threats.


The people depicted a bold and challenging federal infrastructure project and joined Canada from East to West. Now it is the time to join from South to North.

However, the railroad solution is not enough now, so, Norstrat consulting company provides infrastructure projects for the development and protection of the North.

What is Norstrat?

NorStrat is a Canadian-based consulting company created for the purpose of helping clients with a business goal to implement this strategy. Lee Carson is the owner of Norstrat company, and he is a long-time member of Canada’s aerospace and defense community.

No doubt, Norstrat Northern strategy is a great idea for developing business, military, and government. You just need more knowledge and act as a backbone for many companies to attain success.

The defense of North America has been a challenge. This northern strategy’s people exist in every corner of the world, from Canada to Mexico, where illegal immigration is a threat.

History of NorStrat

Norstate was established in 2010 with the collaboration of Canadian armed forces and government officials. The company started with a small office in Canada and then expanded to The United States. The company targets the business market and provides digital marketing strategies such as products, public relations, and desired telecommunication services. 

The company’s motive is ‘Northern strategy, and this was started during prime minister Stephen Harper’s era.  Norstrat company is commissioning private sector military, production and producing high-quality weapons for Canadian armed forces clients.

Norstrat Company Services

The company provides access to the latest 

news in the industry Norstrat is a large network provider company for food and beverage PR, digital marketing, and public relations communication improvement. There are various services, such as 

  • Project management, support, and project description
  • Training in Strategic Business Development
  • Bid Support and Recording
  • Offer Access To security teams at NorStrat Consulting Incorporated
  • Strategic Partners With Public Relations Exposure
  • Selection of Students From Military and Law Enforcement Academies in Canada
  • Provide Marketing Materials such as business cards,
  • letterheads, brochures, and many more.
  • Official NorStrat company shirt and Polo for employees
  • Security Team at Norstrat Consulting, Inc
  • Use Northern Strategy Community Identity as the point of contact for business and organization

Norstrat Partners with special training

Norstrat makes sure our partners get complete access to special training and programs. All of the above, there are two most important training courses by the Norstrat.

Operation compliance program

This program makes sure everyone is working according to Norstrat standards from the operating department. Besides, it also educates the people on how to operate daily tasks and issues that arise.

Provider Training course

The objective of the training course is to better serve the patients through specific procedures. Equipment type depends on every individual needs, such as

  • Several security professionals from different departments come together for annual security meetings.
  • The strategy provides customized training by the company’s professional business, financial and physical security experts. They train Canadian Special Force Units, National Security Programs, and EdmontonPolice Service.
  • Norstrat Consulting Incorporated offers discounts on business, financial and physical security that their outlets don’t give you.
  • Police or military professional audit measures the company security situation that is free of charge for members.
  • Norstrat provides physical security programs such as privacy impact assessments that protect the organization from terrorist attacks.    
  • Furthermore, Networking and marketing opportunities are available at free business networking nights for northern strategy firms.

Norstrat Expertise

Norstrat implements the Northern strategy in a better way, and the failure rate is almost zero. We are mentioning here the company’s expertise.

Business growth Expertise

NORSTRAT ranked on top in business growth and got massive success in the federal government sector. They gave innovative operating strategies and achieved overall administration development.

Project Management Expertise

The comapany has been working for many years and has achieved different projects. Now they are experts in project management.

Focused Capital project expertise

Norstart completed its radarsat and Radarsat II mission and succeeded in the Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel and experts in Focused Capital project. Moreover, they also provide training programs such as workshops, leadership development programs, and business coaching programs for executive coaching.

What Is Nrorstat Express?

Now another popular service of Norstat is ‘Norstat express.’ With Norstat express, people get access to consumer panels and allow to select the target group as you want. If we describe norstat express shortly, it is “insights within an hour.” Here are the features

  • Results over lunch
    You get access to more than 500 respondents and then receive results within the hour.
  • Quick Set Up
    It is a quick setup that provides instant results just by pressing the button.
  • Self Service process
    Norstat express is also a good and easy self-service setup and can create surveys in minutes without any hussle.
  • Low Cost
    It is an automated self-service solution at a very affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Norstrat Do?

Norstrat helps the people who have the responsibility to build Northern infrastructure and elements of Canada’s Northern Strategy.

What Kind of Infrastructure included

It is a Canadian federal government-funded major infrastructure project and initiative. In infrastructure projects, Satellites, defense systems, telecommunication, social initiatives, and investments are included.

How Can We get help from Norstrat?

They guide the client through the government’s Northern Strategy and identify the key relevant stakeholders by sharing knowledge on major developing infrastructure opportunities and issues. The company always gives you a customized support package for the specific needs of each client.

Where Norstrat Located?

It is Ottawa based company and co-located with several Federal Government Departments and agencies with Northern jurisdictions and responsibilities. They are close to the headquarters of the Inuit Tapirit Kanatami, The national Representative Organization protecting the rights and interests of Canada. Ottawa is well served with air connection to the North and across Canada, Europe, and The United States.

Bottom Line

As we have mentioned above, NORSTRAT consulting company has been formed to implement the northern strategy. Retired Canadian Armed officers and business leaders founded it to seek better opportunities for their Canadian community. The company has various packages, and you can select whatever you want from the official website.

We mentioned all other mandatory details for your business development; you can read these carefully. The company has been charged for advisory services to government entities who are responsible for the Northern strategy. This top consulting agency is a top strategic agency that has strong ties with the government and military. They are launching the project and developing a product that fulfills the needs of clients.

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