What is Raw Input Buffer in Valorant? How Does it Work

Step into the electrifying world of competitive gaming, where every millisecond counts and victory hangs in the balance. During the fast-paced environment of this game, players are in need of precision and responsiveness in order to gain an edge over their opponents.

Valorant is a first-person shooter packed with adrenaline – a secret weapon called Raw Input Buffer. How does this mysterious feature revolutionize your gaming experience, and what is it exactly?

Our goal is to demystify the Raw Input Buffer in Valorant so you can uncover its hidden powers and unlock the true potential of your gaming skills. Get ready for an exciting adventure that will alter the way you play the game forever!

What is Raw Input Buffer in Valorant?

As a key component of Valorant’s input processing system, the Raw Input Buffer plays an important role. This feature minimizes input delay and ensures that the player’s controls are accurate and responsive.

Essentially, Raw Input Buffers act as direct conduits between your mouse and keyboard and the game’s software. By bypassing the default input processing of the operating system, the device retrieves data directly from the hardware.

The Raw Input Buffer eliminates any potential interference or modification that may occur during the typical input pipeline by following this route.

Using this technology, Valorant is capable of receiving unaltered, raw input signals, resulting in a faster response time and improved accuracy.

Mouse movements, button clicks, and keyboard inputs are captured by the Raw Input Buffer. Using this data, you are able to determine the exact position of the mouse, the speed at which it moves, and when the buttons are pressed. Using this detailed input data, Valorant’s engine interprets and executes corresponding actions in the virtual world.

How Does it Work?

In Valorant, the Raw Input Buffer bypasses the default input processing of the operating system and retrieves input directly from hardware devices, such as your mouse and keyboard.

With this direct path, Valorant receives unadulterated and unmodified input signals, resulting in a more responsive and accurate gaming experience.

Whenever you move your mouse or press a key on your keyboard, the Raw Input Buffer captures the raw data generated as a result.

The data includes information such as the precise position of the mouse, the rate at which it moves, and the exact timing of the button presses.

This granular input information allows Valorant’s game engine to interpret and execute the corresponding actions in the game world as quickly as possible.

By bypassing the operating system’s input processing, the Raw Input Buffer reduces input latency, which is the time delay between your physical input and the game’s response.

By reducing latency, players have a greater sense of control over their in-game actions, enabling quick reactions and enhanced gameplay.

Furthermore, by avoiding interference from additional software and background processes, the Raw Input Buffer ensures that the game receives the purest form of input, free of any interference or delays that may arise as a result of external influences.

Furthermore, Valorant provides players with the ability to customize their input settings in addition to capturing raw input data.

This includes adjusting sensitivity, acceleration settings, and enabling or disabling raw input behavior. By customizing their input preferences, players can further tailor their gaming experience to suit their individual preferences.What is Raw Input Buffer in Valorant

Benefits of the Raw Input Buffer

Valorant’s Raw Input Buffer provides several significant benefits that enhance the gaming experience. The following benefits will be discussed in more detail:

Reduced Input Latency

The term input latency refers to the amount of time it takes for a player’s physical input to be translated into action in the game. Using Valorant’s Raw Input Buffer, input latency is minimized by bypassing the default input processing of the operating system.

It ensures a more immediate and responsive connection between player actions and in-game responses by directly retrieving raw input data from the hardware devices.

Providing a reduction in latency can be crucial in competitive gaming, enabling players to make split-second decisions and react swiftly to changing circumstances.

Enhanced Precision

The importance of precision is paramount in first-person shooters like Valorant, in which accurate aiming and precise movements can make a significant difference to the outcome.

As part of the Raw Input Buffer, detailed input data is recorded, including precise mouse positioning, movement speed, and button presses. With this level of granularity, Valorant is able to provide players with a greater degree of precision in their movements and aims.

Furthermore, the Raw Input Buffer is capable of supporting sub-pixel tracking as well as high mouse polling rates, which allows for smooth and accurate cursor movement.

In this way, players will be able to exert precise control over their actions, resulting in improved accuracy and a competitive edge during gunfights.

Elimination of Interference

There are a number of sources of interference that can affect traditional input processing pipelines, such as software modifications, mouse acceleration, and background processes. Using the Raw Input Buffer, these potential sources of interference are bypassed by directly retrieving raw input data. 

By doing this, Valorant will receive unaltered input signals, free from unintended modifications or delays caused by external factors. Using the Raw Input Buffer, players can maintain control over their actions without experiencing unexpected variations because interference is eliminated.


In Valorant, the Raw Input Buffer enhances the gaming experience by reducing input latency, increasing precision, eliminating interference, and offering a variety of customization options.

With Valorant, you get unadulterated and accurate input signals, making gameplay more immersive and responsive. By utilizing the Raw Input Buffer, players are able to take greater control over their actions, allowing for quicker reactions, improved accuracy, and competitive advantage.

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