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When Will Yoruba’s be Liberated From Fulani Herdsmen, Falae Queries

by on March 28, 2016

Chief Olu Falae has recounted the scenes of his bizarre abduction saga which took place in September 2015.

Olu Falae, who spoke with tears periodically dropping from his eyes, said “I will consider my suffering a blessing if Yorubas are eventually liberated from the shackles of nomadic Fulani herdsmen who have become a thorn in the flesh of their hosts”.

Chief Olu made the comments when the National Coordinator of Oodua People’s Congress and Convener Oodua Progressive Union, Otunba Gani Adams, paid him a courtesy visit.

Chief Olu Falae told Adams and his entourage that he believed the initial intention of the Fulani herdsmen was to kill him.

“Before they got to my office in the farm, they shot at my car hoping I was in”.

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“When that did not work, they aimed a cutlass strike at my accountant thinking it was me, he dodged it but lost his ear in the process”.

“That was when they came right into my office and attacked me with cutlass, slapped and tore my dress before dragging me away”

“We trekked from Akure to Owo following bush and swampy areas on my bare legs till we got to an area close to Ifon.”

Chief Olu Falae lamented that his experience was one of the many unreported atrocities which many people have suffered in the hands of the herdsmen.  Atrocities which included rape, looting and sometimes, Death.

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“I could identify one that wanted to shoot at me before he was pushed away by another gang member.

“One of them even told me that if I say negative things about them, they will come back and destroy my farm, which they did just 48 hours after I was released”

Otunba Gani Adams expressed concern that if the Elder Statesman can be abducted and maltreated, then every one was at risk.

“It is an insult that such a revered elder statesman can be so harassed in his own land,” he lamented.

“He is not just an elder. He has been Secretary to the Federal Government, Former Finance Minister, a permanent secretary and presidential candidate”.

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“And if he was kept for 7 days, then ordinary citizens are in danger too.”

Otunba Gani Adams urged President Muhammadu Buhari to urgently implement all 633 recommendations contained in the documents of the National Conference which fully addressed security, and other important sectors that can move Nigeria forward.


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