Where lies the INEC interest? Atiku should be declared Winner ~ Fabiyi

by on July 30, 2019

The Presidential Election Petition Tribunal holden at the Federal Appeal Court Abuja and the subsequent judgement that will flow therein will to a large extent redefine the future of our country.

Flowing from the Pre hearing and the ongoing substantive hearing of the petition where PDP/Atiku have presented monumental evidences and witnesses that our election challenge have never witnessed in history.

The magnitude and quality of evidences/ witnesses provided and presented by the Atiku/PDP against the INEC, President Buhari and APC clearly showed that things will never be the same.

However, the fear of Appeal court judgement not on the merit of the case as presently witnessed in Osun Governorship election challenge, but judgements based on political or technical reasons may push Nigeria into imminent but avoidable destruction. Therefore, the Nigeria judiciary must understand that it’s on trial and all eyes are on them.

The judiciary must also realise that Nigerians have lost confidence and trust in them but here comes an opportunity to redeem the batterd image of the institution.

Fear and concerns are being expressed by Nigerians on the conduct, of the Nigerian judiciary, especially in many recent judgements which manifested clearly the bias in favour of the ruling government.

Consequent upon this, the INEC found it so comfortable to exhibit it’s avowed support for the Buhari/APC.

INEC is expected to be neutral and unbiased, but opposite is the case. During the pre hearing and the ongoing substantive hearing, INEC was seen standing strong in defence of Buhari/APC which begs the question: Whose interest is INEC serving??

The closure of its (INEC) case and the inability to present a single witness and /or any documentary evidence clearly is another testimony to the fact, which also revealed whose interest INEC is serving.

It would have served our country good and enrich our electoral system if INEC has gone ahead to open it’s defence, questions would have been asked and more lessons would have been learnt individually and collectively.

The judiciary however, must stand in the gap for Nigerians, who see the Judiciary as the last hope of a common man. Our judges must not disappoint Nigerians this time, realising that it is not about one man but about Nigeria.

Fabiyi Oladimeji.


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