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What a time to be in this country experiencing two rara avis but the question of which will take the exceptional limelight still remains a puzzle to some but to people like me it has been solved. The dramatic revelation of “Olajumoke oni bread” followed by the surprising stupendous wealth and popularity unleashed on her remains “one in town”.

Her story has woken the sense of awareness of our so called “corporate bodies” to remember that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one of their expected gift to the society housing them. I even heard she (Olajumoke) has also been packaged up to the level of a public speaker, she can now motivate young Nigerians on how sudden wealth is possible even when you have no skill installed on you. Olajumoke is now a public figure, she has appeared on world class news media, she has been taught how to work majestically like a queen from Britain to attract applauds and so many other forcefully installed skills even when the system’s specification seems not designed for that.

On another side, Olajumoke has put our girls that can die while arguing on the “how unavoidable nudity is in attaining modelling fame” into a dip ocean of shame. Bread sellers on our streets have also adopted her packaging concept, to them it is “who knows our own TY Bello might be on her way” not because they intend to be hygienic in their businesses, don’t mix it up.

Though, some are still doubting the story behind the revelation, to them the story was stage played, to me, stage played or not, Olajumoke is now a celebrity from Nigerians’ perspective.

By the way, in my first paragraph, I did not bother to introduce Olajumoke, you know why? She is a celebrity. Similarly, if I should continue without introducing who Ayodele Daniel Dada is, I will just be adding numerous traffic to google’s direction, so let us avoid that. Ayodele Daniel Dada just made history by becoming the first University of Lagos student to graduate with 5.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average.

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This implies Ayodele never scored below 70% in all the courses he sat for, from a stubborn department of psychology, Ayodele was consistent with classes and made judicious use them, to say Ayodele had a smooth road to his final lap will be phony, Ayodele faced challenges, obstacles, difficulties but Ayodele was dedicated, devoted and determined.

The facts that it is almost four days of official announcement of such amazing academic excellence and yet none of our corporate bodies who responded faster than speed of light to Olajumoke’s case is yet to get the mojo on to respond to Ayodele’s case, is embarrassing and disheartening. If I am not economical imbalance with news, I am yet to see Ayodele appear on CNN, BBC and the rest of international media houses that were stupendously generous with Olajumoke, I am yet to hear of a car gift, I am yet to hear of cash prices running into millions, I am yet to see Ayodele as ambassador to corporate bodies, I am yet to hear of a scholarship offer for Ayodele. Are we saying Ayodele would not make a good ambassador for our brands?

Ayodele can’t be furnished to become public motivational speaker? Ayodele should not be known by our thousands if not millions of students who has given up on academic success? By our own definition, Ayodele is not a celebrity and must not be known!

I was not born in the 80s is not a justification to be ignorant of what happened in the 80s. Listening to the mesmerizing stories of how academic excellence can bring you enviable fortune back then from elders and comparing such to today’s scenario, you are left with one question; who has bewitched Nigeria?

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Where are the days of getting a brand new Peugeot car as a gift for successfully ending a university outing? The days of being certain of a job offer immediately after a university education has turned to story for us and the unborn generation. The days of seeing teachers as the next person of authority within a community is dead and buried. Our teachers are now seen as threat to business survival of the petty traders, you know why?

Government keeps owing them salary thereby rendering them financially incapacitated, leaving them with one option of transaction, buy on credit. In fact, the abysmal stories of our teachers is another 5000 words on its own.

Should we say cultural bastardization is behind this aesthetic ugly display? Is it true that some are busy burning candle of stupidity on us? Can we still find our route back to the days where academic excellence attracts more celebration than having 200,000 followers and being verified on twitter? Where are the days of giving more accolades to Professors than the widely celebrated political figures? I guess those days have depleted at a faster rate than the much talked about Ozone layer.

If you have ever attended a community development association’s meeting, you won’t have other option than to align to my thought that our teachers if found in attendance will just assume observers’ position. “Teachers are nobody, Teachers are nobody, and Teachers are nobody” this should make a good musical lyrics but my voice is not designed for such. It is painful but teachers are no body is the order of the day.

The charm concocted to take us away from the good days lacks no ingredient, kudos to the brain behind it if any, the effectiveness has no federal character biasness. The facts that it has found its route to our media houses is a huge achievement for the concocted charm but a disgrace to the society.

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If am not mistaken, Olajumoke appeared on almost all media houses available within the country, the story was seen across the length and breadth of the country, in fact local radios are no exemption, newspapers too were not caught slacking. That am yet to see or hear of a 15 minutes session for Ayodele on any of these news rooms that were generous with session on Olajumoke’s case is disturbing and a thing of embarrassment.

If Olajumoke with no proven skills can be given such wholesale popularity and marketing then Ayodele deserves quadruple of that but if we finds it difficult to that for him, I can conclude the spell we are under as a nation was jointly coordinated by all the goddess in the six geopolitical zones of the country.

I am left with no other option than to drive the lane of the minister for information and culture Alh Lai Mohammed that proposed an urgent national reorientation program for the populace. The effectiveness of this might still be a subject of hypotheses but it is a necessary first aid treatment to probably reduce this menace in our society.

The shame might not been felt as much as expected in a polluted society like ours but we can’t debase the level of gullibility of this our action in selecting who to appreciate the more whenever an outstanding landmark is made.

You wonder if there is any other word aside for asininity to describe giving a fully furnished apartment to someone who won a pageant show while someone who display academic excellence is given a stipend of ten thousand naira. It is an appalling acts that has left me with a question for all; who bewitched our sense of appreciation? Thanks for spending time on this piece.


Shomoye Abiodun

Twitter @MrShomoye

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