WHO Shares Practical “Anti #COVID19” Measures From Several Countries.

by on June 19, 2020

The World Health Organization on Thursday published tips from six nations towards the defeat of the raging Coronavirus pandemic.

“At today’s WHO Member States Information Session, the following Health Ministers and Representatives are sharing #COVID19 response experiences”, WHO revealed in a social media message.

The nations were chosen to encompass a large proportion the global scene– from Africa, Asia, Europe and South America.

“At today’s WHO Member States Information Session, the following Health Ministers and Representatives are sharing #COVID19 response experiences:
🇰🇭 Or Vandine
🇧🇬 Jeny Nacheva
🇲🇲 Thandar Lwin
🇵🇰 Malik Muhammad Safi
🇿🇲 Chitalu Chilufya
🇨🇴 Fernando Ruiz Gomez”– World Health Organization.

Health Measures By Six Countries, as published by The World Health Organization:


Deputy Health Minister Jeny Nacheva spoke about #Bulgaria’s measures to slow the spread of #COVID19, increasing lab and testing capacities, quickly identifying cases and tracing contacts. Bulgaria prioritised vulnerable populations and community engagement.


Deputy Director-General for Disease Control, Thandar Lwin, presented #Myanmar’s efforts to test all #COVID19 suspected cases, as well as to expand testing to all close contacts and #healthworkers. Myanmar’s way forward will focus on capacity building and strengthening health system.


Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya said #Zambia got ready for #COVID19 following WHO warnings. Their response is focused on contact tracing, prevention, risk communication, community engagement & robust surveillance. The pandemic is an opportunity for health system strengthening.


Health Minister Fernando Ruiz Gomez shared #Columbia’s work to expand #COVID19 laboratory capacities, as the primary strategy is to isolate the virus. A control unit has been established to provide comprehensive support and tailor the national response.


Malik Muhammad Safi, from the #Pakistan Ministry of Health, elaborated key pillars in Pakistan’s response: governance & financing, prevention, suppression & communication. The country has also been capacity building & training #healthworkers, as well as increasing testing capacity.


Secretary of State Or Vandine shared Cambodia’s whole of government & society approach to fight #COVID19 & efforts to mobilise almost 3,000 rapid response team members to find cases & trace contacts. The Minister explained how previous investments in the health system have paid off.

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