WHO Suspends Trials Of Hydrochloroquine/Chloroquine As #Covid19 Treatment

by on May 25, 2020

Our favourite Online Doctor, Harvey Olufunmilayo took to his twitter handle to report that the World Health Organization has suspended its Hydrochloroquine/Chloroquine trials as treatment for covid19.

Dr Olufunmi tweeted that the WHO had divided infected patients into four groups which include;
–Chloroquine alone

—Hydrochloroquine alone

—Chloroquine with macrolide antibiotic

—Hydrochloroquine with macrolide antibiotic

Dr Olufunmi further stated that the trial was conducted in 671 hospitals, 6 continents, 96,032 Covid19 infected patients.

The timeline for this trial was from December 2019- April 2020.

The result showed that patients developed irregular heart rate and eventually died due to the administration of the above mentioned drugs.

The result showed that more people died and no positive result was recorded which led to the WHO suspending the trials.

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Dr Olufunmi states that the research was published in Lancet, which is the world’s largest medical research journal.

Citizens all over the world have expressed sadness and disappointment as some hoped that the Chloroquine/Hydrochloroquine trial will bring forth positive results .


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