Why Amotekun Must Not Fail

by on January 18, 2021

TStv Africa corporate affairs manager, Demola Olarenwaju, says Governor Seyi makinde of Oyo State must ensure that the Western Nigeria Security Network codenamed ‘Operation Amotekun’, must not fail.

Amotekun is a security outfit based in all the six states of the South Western, Nigeria, responsible for curbing insecurity in the region.

Olarewaju (known on twitter as @DemolaRewaju for his political opinion), while buttressing his point in a thread, noted how the National Guard and state forces responded at the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday after pro-Donald Trump rioters overran the building during the Electoral College vote count.

His tweet read partly:

“It is those National Guards that Governors from both major parties in US deployed to defend the Capitol in Washington. This is exactly how Federalism should operate.

“It is why for me, Amotekun in Oyo State is a project that all true Patriots and Federalists in Nigeria must take interest in.

“The success of Amotekun is a step closer to Federalism in Nigeria and for this alone, one is tempted to praise Seyi Makinde but he must make it succeed.

“Amotekun was a joint agreement by all Governors in the SW but it is not surprising to find that other states who ironically claim to have Progressive Governors seem to have backtracked from this key step towards federalism.

“I just hope Makinde understands that it must not fail.

“I’ve asked and found that there is a lot of pressure from certain places to put Amotekun in the worst light possible – not unexpected in a country where opposition is often equated with an automatic opposite position even where the truth is clear and visible to every onlooker.

“One would have thought a laudable idea like Free Education by Awo in the pre-Independence days would find support from everywhere in the SW but the opposition went to town and claimed Awo wanted to deny peasant farmers the services of their children as cheap farm labour.

“Awo not only had to find alternative funding for the programme but also had to embark on massive enlightenment campaigns to combat the narrative that was being cast by the opposition.

“Truth must sometimes be dressed beautifully in order to combat propaganda and falsehood.

“Beyond that, Makinde should see himself not only as a birther of such a noble idea but also as a nurturer.

“For the sake of Federalism in Nigeria and all Patriots, he should put Amotekun on his frontburner and monitor its activities but not fall to the urge to interfere too much.

“I am well aware (by inquiry) that the number of deaths at the hands of Amotekun Corps members is exaggerated but even one needless death is one too many.

“And here again, the State House of Assembly should be interested in Amotekun as co-nurturers of this common interest.

“History has so turned out that the SW is seen as aligned to the North in the current APC power structure.

“Had this Amotekun come from anywhere else, the resistance to it would be far more bloody and far beyond media falsehood.

“Oyo, as Pacesetter should fly this flag diligently.

“Patriots who understand that a multi-ethnic state can only be rightfully governed as a federal structure where the sum of the parts is greater than the whole:

“Keep your eyes on this and raise alarm if need be.

For the sake of Federalism in Nigeria, Amotekun must not fail.

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