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    The bible is not the source of problems of the black man. as mentioned in this brilliant write up.. the blacks were enslaving fellow blacks and even selling to each other before the whites came in with the bible.
    The problem of the black man is still a subject for research. as it appears the problem is deep in the nature of the black.

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    Am an African from Kenya and I have read the Bible deeply. Honestly, I thought after putting aside the Bible for 30minutes and made up my mind not to be fooled again. Am a free man with a free will.

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    It’s a pity the way you addressed your story. But then the spirit behind is the one responsible. Somehow it has convinced you that God is bad or selfish or not caring! You should get time to study the works and words of Jesus Christ. Or atleast asks for help in the knowledge of God. Peace n with you.

  4. 4

    John O.

    Comment…They are still using it to enslave unsuspecting fellow black men. Think of our billionaire pastors. Are they not enslaving their followers?

  5. 5

    Davis Musonda

    your instincts might have driven you in the right direction concerning the matter, but I may challenge you in that, the evidences and supports you have decided to base your argument are either impertinent or secondary to the matter.On the hand,in your argument you asserted that whites were sencere Christian believers whose sole purpose to come in Africa was preach the gospel.which means they had banafide intentions of preaching the gospel judging from the fact that,in the first place they did not envision Africa’s way of living but to their surprise it was found to in chaos henceforth took advantage. my question may be.those who where genuine or sincere Christian believers,how and why did they come to denounce their religion?

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    Paul gbenga

    I noticed your total lack of understanding of the Bible. If you understand the account of creation and the fall of man as well as the the Bible doctrine you will understand that Bible is a book that assured humanity a hope for freedom from oppression and slavery as well. Slavery has been in existence long before the time of Abraham the grandfather of Joseph and Israel as a whole. Your write-up seems to point to the Bible as being responsible for or promotes slavery this is where I always get annoyed by people who just speak or write out of ignorance. am sure the first man who started the
    slavery thing red the Bible and drew his inspiration from it or yeah Joseph’s brothers after practicing the act of human faillings they were all aware of the Bible that supports slavery for they must have been reading it and our African forefathers who were busy in the slavery fair were all aware it was biblical, a predominant custom and practice of the system of things as at that time. Now the Whites are done with the Bible because they don’t want to enslave anymore whereas the African Christians are still interested in slavery fair because that is what you hear every Sunday when you pass by the church.

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    Comment…you have said it all..weldone

  8. 8


    Comment…are the whites now freer without the Bible. In Arab nation’s where there the Bible is never considered the morning free. Are you more free for forsaking the Bible. You clain to be a Bible reading Christian but did not come to realize the Bible contains systematic revelation to an evil man to point to him savior.

  9. 9

    Clinton Atsu

    My dear you have done reelly well to my satisfaction ,and these are the things we need to think of but the so call bible holders I Christians would not understand ,they will rather call you evil.Thank you for this deep thinking perhaps waking some people from their slumber
    Thank you

  10. 10


    Comment…how did the bible enslave the blacks.

  11. 11

    Chukwuma Elijah

    You are a good observer of all that you think was not right in the Bible. But you failed to observe all that Jesus went through to set mankind free from sin and reconnect man back to God. Kindly take a look at some of the things Bible missionaries brought to Africa;. they stopped killing of twins, fought against slave trade that you thought of, they brought Christian religion, school. This religion teaches about Jehovah being the only true God, it also teaches us how to love, forgive, respect, tolerate, be kind and do what is right before God and man. This Bible you are condemning today brought you peace, love and salvation via the death of Jesus Christ the son of God. Without the words of God ie the Bible the world will be unhabitable place. Ask God to help you understand the deep things of the Bible instead of criticizing the words of God.

  12. 12


    I admit that i am intriged by your article..However it is also important to know that All slavers are dead, all slave masters are dead too…Abraham linkoln is also dead..all grand children of slaves are also dead, Apostle paul is dead, jesus is dead, all old and new testament characters are also dead..slave trade business is also dead…religion is also dead, you too are going to die some day..perhaps you need to check on that…

  13. 13


    Comment…Really good writing,at times I argue with my fellows on this matter only to realize that trying to convince them is to try to demolish the mansion with one hand.

  14. 14


    Have you ever considered the consistency of the bible. Which white people could have taken so long, to put up such a big book over so long a period to enslave Africans? You need experience christ like the woman at the well of Jacob and the holy spirit as promised by jesus. This experience will set you free and on the path of light and truth. He took our sins and yoke, we have taken up his righteousness and
    a yoke that is light…and been reconciled to the father thru him, Christ.

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    Comment…blacks are not suffering cos of the bible and the bible does not praise racism either, slavery in the bible was for a number of years and the treatment given then is totally different from what the white did. Africa is where it is cos of greed, poor childhoods(that is why they spend gov`t money when they come to power to square things up), not reading their bibles in thier local languages instead they try to understand the bible in a foreign language(english), people in my country Ghana say the whites came for their gold and that is why they are suffering, I ask them if the golds are finished in the country, the answer is no but all they do is complain and do nothing. for example African pastors will use the church’s tithe and offerings to buy luxury stuff while the whites use theirs to sponsor NGOs(I personally have a cousin who is benefiting from a white man’s church offering in school), etc. we are suffering cos we don’t think of the future only the present, that is why we are always caught off guard.

  16. 16

    Sipiwe Paulos Nhlapo

    But i think now you have lost it.It is the demons that are now pushing you to write this article.If you are the true Christian,you shouldn’t be preaching this.You would know that the devil always uses God’s word to deceive the people.Thr devil always questions God’s ways as you are doing.
    It seems you studied the bible to use it to recruit your fellow men into satanism.I see by thr way you express your viws that you are the devil’s ambassador.
    If you think the bible is just an ordinary book to be questioned,you are reay wrong.The prophecies in the bible state it that on the last days people will question everything about faith and abondone the faith for the love of money.
    That is exactly what you are preaching that people abandone God for the love of money.You must know better that this world was cursed before Adam was sent to it from Eden.God gave the commandments that a man failed to obey and decided to follow the devil’s commandments instead.By the same token,you are mastering slavery because you know that the true freedom wi free your spirit or soul but will never free this body.You know it very well that this body together with this world awaits transformation and death to open the way for the new world and the heavenly bodies which will never be corrupt like the one we currently possess.How can you expect the world to be a free one yet it is under the rulership of the oppressor,the devil.
    The devil knows that his time is running out,that’s he works tirelessly using every possible bait to catch his prey.Plz don’t allow the devil to use yiur magnificent soul as a vehicle for his desires.Pray and ask God to guide you against desctruction that awaits the devil and his ambassadors.I know you are now engaged with the world.You have moved from the face of God just like what Jonah did when he was sent to Nineveh.You want to get things easier yet you know very well that God said a man will toil the land and labour like a slavery for food until he is brought back to the dust for from the dust he was taken.There is no way that you wi get the things easier just because you are born again as you claim to be.You must know better that this world is under the case and we must all pass by it through Jesus Christ.The devil was once an angel that pleased God,but because of some reasons,he saw that G od was oppressing them and decided to turn against Him and wanted to be worshipped and wanted to occupy God’s Kingdom and be god.He was warned by God but he disnot listen.He gave the same fruit of knowledge to his victims so he could control them should they disobey God.As they ultimately fell on the temptation,they brought about all the misery to all humanity.
    So plz stop pointing fingerss to the white people ad preach the word of God as it is.Stop justifying the truth for you know very well that all prophesies must be fulfilled before the end comes.You are really aware of these prophecies mentioned in Matthew 24.May God help you evade eternal torment and torture by granting you the serenity to accept the things you cannot change for the better than what God promises to do for all humanity.


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