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    Mr. Fayose should allowed Nigerians to hear good news… Nobody cares to know why he attend Ondo State lnuguration.

  2. 3


    Comment…pple comments blindly.sum pple cannot even govern dia younger ones well at home n dey r busy castigating sum1 dat is governing a state like Ekiti.How many apc aspirants dat contested with gov.akeredolu attended d inauguration or u want to tell me is all apc gov.in south-west dat were present?.dat sum1 is not doing or say wot u want to hear doesnt min u r better dan him/her.so bury ur hatred in ur pocked n expect ur goodnews in ur own media house

    1. 3.1


      lt’s quite unfortunate that we find ourselfs in a country where a criminal like Fayose seeing himself has hero. Mr. J.T you called yourself, l petty gullible Nigerians like you.

  3. 4


    Alex u must be a criminal, for someone putting aside politics and show respect to Yoruba race is an hero, how many governor in Nigeria is not corrupt.

    Only a criminal like Alex will against my comment

  4. 5


    politics of matured mind in opposition.


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