Why Should You Be Creating Instagram Story Highlights? The 5 Main Benefits for Business

Gone are the days when square photos were the main content format on Instagram. Today, entrepreneurs and influencers need to understand which formats are relevant to their audience. For several years now, highlights have confidently occupied the position of one of the main trends on the platform.  Why? First of all, businessmen use them in order to provide potential customers with the most complete information. Standard stories are only active for 24 hours, then they disappear forever; your subscribers won’t see them. But if you add them to the highlights, they’ll stay forever. It’s convenient!

In addition, it’s quite easy to get interactions with such content – for example, if you’re just starting out, it would be wise to use a paid PR service and buy authentic Instagram highlights views. This won’t only help you speed up the promotion process, but also contribute to improving the ratings of the page as a whole. But still, these aren’t all the advantages of creating “endless” stories. In this article we’ll tell you why your company needs  highlights  now. Keep reading!

  • Your content is organized

There is nothing easier than to place all the necessary information for customers in endless stories. With highlights, everything becomes much easier. Here you can post information about delivery, price list and even reviews of previous buyers. Create a series of stories and sort them into categories: about price, delivery, FAQ, etc. So, by visiting your profile, a potential buyer will be able to instantly find the information of interest and is more likely to make a purchase.

  • Spectacular demonstration of goods or services

There are many features in stories that you can use to demonstrate your products in a high-quality way. Adding filters, music and stickers is just a small part of the available features. It is also useful to add links to your online store (if it is created) – by clicking on it, an interested customer will go to your website and will be able to choose the right color, size, and so on. Highlight here everything that is important and valuable for the brand.

  •  Keep your audience updated

Do you implement contests, offer special discounts or have a unique offer for customers? Your subscribers should know about this, even those who have just started following you here. If you’ve been creating activities for subscribers in the next couple of days or are holding a contest (which is currently relevant), highlight this information – perhaps new followers will want to participate in your contests or take advantage of a discount.

  • Tell the brand story

Companies with a “face” – that’s what users like today. If you want to be on trend and make a professional account flourish, start matching it. Highlights are perfect in this case, create several stories in the “talking head” format and highlight them. Today it is a great opportunity to attract new customers, generate new orders and increase traffic.

  • Old content for new subs 

Obviously, not all potential customers start following you from the very beginning. But that doesn’t mean they should miss something important. Using the highlights, tell them everything they need to know, including the terms of delivery, pricing and your company as a whole, plus save yourself a lot of additional questions in the DM. This way you will help clients make the right choice and choose your brand. We wish you good luck!

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