Woman Traveling From Akure To Abuja Sexually Molested(Video)

by on June 2, 2020

Even as the cruel rape and murder of Uwaila Omozuwa continues to outrage the public, another case of molestation is making the rounds on social media.

A lady posted a video of an unidentified elderly man placing his fingers in an intimate way, without consent. The lady in the video said she had initially protested, but had been shut down immediately by fellow commuters. The lady then reportedly picked up her phone and made a video clip.

Social Media reacts:

“Shes traveling in the same bus with them from Abuja to Akure. It’s quite a long journey and anything can happen. Worst they will declare it an accident and nothing will happen. So I won’t blame her much.
The things women endure.”

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“So nobody has been able to identify this man that sexually, phycologically & mentally assaulted a lady traveling from Abuja to Akure few hours ago?

We should be able to escalate this, then name & shame him, then the authorities would nab & prosecute him for his atrociousness!”

“A lady was molested on a bus traveling from Abuja to Akure and when she complained, people in the bus said she was overreacting??.

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So there isn’t a single sane person in that bus who could call out and obviously bullshit. This society is damaged”.

“On this Abuja to Akure issue, asking questions like;
I think there was travel ban
Why didn’t she switch seat
Why was she calm
Is the same thing as;
What was she doing there
What was she wearing
Why was she she walking alone.
Don’t be a rape apologist, think before you tweet!”

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  • Despite the deep condemnation of many Twitter users, many others are partaking in the usual victim shaming, saying that the lady;
  • Should have worn trousers.
  • Should not be traveling alone.
  • Some even said she was overreacting and should not have seen the incident as a big deal.

What Counts As Sexual Molestation?

According to Girls For Gender Equality,
Sexual harassment can include, but is not limited to:

  • Touching, pinching, or grabbing someone else’s breasts, butt, or genitals.
  • Touching, pinching, or grabbing your own breasts, butt, or genitals in front of others
  • Sexual comments, jokes, stories, song lyrics, or rumors.
  • Gestures and facial expressions (e.g., winking or licking lips).
  • Inappropriate looks or staring at someone’s body.
  • Clothing pulled to reveal your body or someone else’s body.
  • Sexual pictures or drawings (e.g., a pornographic magazine).
  • Demands for sexual activity.
  • Physical intimidation (e.g., standing too close to someone, following someone, blocking someone’s way so they can’t leave).
  • Cyberbullying (when the Internet, cell phones, or other devices are used to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person).

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