Workout for sexier butt

There are a bunch of exercises to enhance your butt muscles.

The butt is the sexiest part of the body. It is naturally curved. But some people are not gifted with this beauty and they have to work hard to develop their muscles and get a perfectly curved body.


There are a bunch of exercises that can be done on regular basis to enhance your butt muscles.


Stretching is a good exercise to tone your butt muscles and make them more curved. One effective way is through fascial stretch therapy because it targets the nerves and also flexes muscles in a particular part of the body. Personal trainers will help to do fascial stretch therapy.


Limit your cardio workout. Cardio workouts seem to be very effective to lose weight but there is a drawback, these exercises also reduce muscles. Instead, try to do strengthening exercises which include weight and lunges and these will help to tone muscles.

Hip thrust exercise

The hip thrust exercise is very beneficial to help your back muscles build strong and also prevent back pain and injuries. The best and effective way to do hip thrust is by resting your upper back on a chair and putting your weight on your legs and lower back.

Bridge exercise

The bridge exercise is done by resting your head and upper back on the exercise mat and raising your back at a certain angle where your knees are bent and both feet are flat on the floor.

Knee raises

The knee raises are very effective for core strength. These exercises increase the strength and enhance the muscle of your upper legs and lower back.

Sumo squats jump

The sumo squats jump exercise is done by starting from a squat position and then drawing strength from the legs by jumping. This exercise if done regularly plays a vital role in improving the posture and building up muscles.

Dumbbell curtsy lunge

This exercise is done by standing with feet hip-wide apart and holding a dumbbell in each hand. Step back with your right leg into a lunge while crossing your left leg in front of the right.

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