World Bank Completes Construction Of 330km Road In Enugu

by on November 26, 2020

By Adejumo Enock

The National Coordinator of Rural Access and Mobility Project RAMP, Engr. Ubandoma Ularamu said the World Bank has completed the construction of 330km out of 385.419km rural Road in Enugu State.

He disclosed this at Nike Lake Resort Hotel in Enugu State during a stakeholders workshop for the dissemination and adoption of Low Volume Road Manuals (LVRM).

While speaking, the National Coordinator said, the LVRM would be used as a guide for engineers and other stakeholders in designing and maintaining roads in Enugu and Nigeria at large, adding that the Enugu State government should set up a rural road maintenance fund, RRF in order to ensure that road constructed by RAMP in the rural areas are adequately maintained.

Engr. Ularamu said that the maintenance of the already constructed rural road would propel the state towards participating in the next phase of the World Bank project, Rural Access and Agricultural Marketing Project, RAAMP.

Furthermore, He praised Enugu State government for its support in developing rural areas.

Ubandoma added that rural access road remain the key to the economic development of any country.

Similarly, Ularamu said, “We advise that Enugu State endeavour address institutionalisation of rural roads maintenance by creating rural roads fund to enable the state to ensure the sustainability of their rural roads. This will propel the state towards participating in Rural Access and Agricultural Marketing Project, RAAMP”.

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