Wuhan– Ground Zero For Covid19– To Reopen Schools Tuesday

by on August 29, 2020

China’s Wuhan, the first city in which the Covid-19 virus was spotted has said all schools within its jurisdiction will be reopened on Tuesday.

Local authorities indicated that the city, which was China’s worst hit, is set to begin all the processes associated with education, including the reopening of kindergartens. Meanwhile, Wuhan was locked down for more than two months from late January, it’s body count of 3,869 dead accounting for more than 80% of China’s total loss.

As many as 2,842 educational institutions across the city are set to open their doors to almost 1.4 million students when the autumn semester gets underway, the local government announced on Friday. Wuhan University reopened on Monday.

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Meanwhile, back up plans have been made to reverse into online teaching at the slightest risk murmur. Students have been cautioned to wear Facemasks and avoid public transportation if possible.

Schools have been ordered to stock up on disease control equipment and to carry out drills and training sessions to help prepare for new outbreaks. They must also restrict unnecessary mass gatherings, and submit daily reports to health authorities.

As an added prevention measure, the local government said foreign students and teachers who are yet to receive notice from their schools will not be allowed to return.

Wuhan has however not reported any new local transmissions of Covid19 since May 18.

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