YAAR Apologizes For Plagiarism, Fisayo Soyombo Calls For Ceasefire

by on May 15, 2020

Yetunde Morenikeji Ajani Adeniyi Raji Foundation (YAAR) has tendered a public apology to award winning journalist, Fisayo Soyombo for publishing his story on her Facebook wall without giving credit to him as the author.

He had done a piece on Federal Medical Center (FMC) Azare, Bauchi and the management’s gross negligence which led to reports of 12 persons connected to the hospital testing positive for COVID-19 in nine days.

Shortly after 24 hours of publishing the 464-word piece, YAAR published same on her Facebook page adding a 26-word prelude of her own and not giving credit to Fisayo.

The subsequent altercation which emanated from the plagiarized content led to Facebook pulling down the post from YAAR’s page.

Barely a week after the incident, YAAR has tendered a public apology promising to be more careful to credit authors going forward.

See her full message below.

“Dear Fisayo,

“I would like to tender a Public Apology for the federal medical centre Azare post, which came to me without you as the origunal author #truth.

“I will like to point our again like I said to you last week that, the post I made was given to me by a nurse of the hospital who clearly stated that I shouldn’t disclose her identity for the fear of losing her job.

“I will like you to know that nowhere in the material I received was your name mentioned as the author otherwise, it wouldn’t have taken anything out of me to put your name there.

“I was worried with your outburst and met my lawyer when you said we will meet in court. Not because I was afraid, I don’t have fear in my life but to be sure, that every available evidence in my disposal is not pointing that I am at fault hence, he cleared me as a professional and wanted you to see to my point.

“Even against my lawyers instructions, I pulled down every posts relating to that post after you first reported the main post to Facebook which was pulled down.

“Once again, I tender a PUBLIC APOLOGY and I will appreciate if you will do the needful from your side.

“This matter has degenerated because of the miscommunication on my part & I sincerely apologise for any angst that people on my page caused you when you first commented on the post. I also apologise for my defensive response and words.

“Next time if I am not sure of the source of an anonymous message I will write author unknown or Anonymous.

“I do hope you accept my sincere apology!

“Thank you.”

Investigative Journalist has acknowledged that the issue has been resolved and has called everyone involved in the conflict to bury the hatchet.

See his response below.

“Dear Mrs. Raji,

“Thank you for the explanation. I agree that the unfriendly communication that went on between us on social media could have been avoided with timely, open and sincere communication on the matter.

“I welcome the opportunity to resolve the matter and consider this case closed. Thank you also for the good faith of your apology. I’ll go back to my page to appeal to everyone who is still displeased.

“Kind regards,


YAAR’s public apology which was key to early resolution of the conflict is very commendable.

Plagiarism has now become the order of the day in Today’s Media and Journalism. Such actions should discouraged as plagiarized contents are intellectual properties of another party which ought to be recognized for efforts put in to come up with such informative or entertaining material.

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