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    So are you saying Dino want to create BH In Kogi state

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    Shehu Shuaib

    General safety of lives and property of citizen is a fundamental priority of any good government. Irrespective of who or what party is in power. The security agencies e.g. Police, Army etc. should co-ordinate with all arms of government to enforce Law and Order with dignity according to the Rule of Law among our citizens.
    Please do not play politics with safety and security of Nigerians.
    Long Live Nigeria.

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    Comment…Does our governor knows what he is doing at all? How can he reinstated all the sacked political appointees just 15 minutes after he sacked them. I think something is wrong somewhere. Please, if you can’t govern the state properly you better resign on time for better somebody like me to take over. I am seriously tired of these messes.


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