Yesufu Co-covener Of BBOG, Shield, Clash Over Decision To Protest Against Bad Governance In Nigeria

by on September 4, 2020

The Co-covener of the Bring Back Our Girls, BBOG, movement, Aisha Yesufu and Head of Mission, Leadership and Accountability Initiative, Henry Sheild, have clashed over Yesufu’s inability to organise a mass protest against President Muhammadu Buhari’s leadership style.

Sheild a popular twitter user who tweets from the handle @henryshield is known for his vocal criticism of the Buhari led administration.

He accused Yesufu who is currently in the United Kingdom, UK, of joining a protest to distract the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan in 2012, but shying away from organising same against the current administration which according to him has done worse than the one they came out in their numbers to protest against.

He blamed her and other notable Nigerians present at the protest at Ojota in 2012 for fostering a government who he described as catastrophic on Nigerians.

In a face off on twitter he called on her to return to the country and protest against a government she helped installed instead of complaining from Diaspora.

He said, “Of all the normal human beings available to choose from in 2015, @AishaYesufu chose Buhari.

“Today, she wants us to protest for her. Come back home dear. You must complete the crying you started under under Jonathan.

“Aisha come back home and stop hiding from Buhari. Come and join us in the fight and stop crying from the UK. Come oh! Come back and fight you unrepentant Buharideen.

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“Aisha, you are still crying because Buhari didn’t look at you like he did your partner in BBOG. You’re hating him today because he refused you patronage. I campaigned for ATIKU with my money. My freaking money dear! I no dey find Govt contract. Come back and join us oh!

Aisha you’re tweeting for the UK. I will blame you and every other person that foisted this catastrophe In Asorock on us. You were old enough in 1984 to know him but your hatred towards Jonathan was higher than Nigeria’s progress. Come back to Nigeria and join us.

“Aisha, what’s going on? you’re losing steam oh. Haba! See what you’re tweeting. When next you want to pick a handle to fight, respect yourself and steer clear of this one. You’re losing it badly and I feel bad. Imagine the nonsense you’re now tweeting.”

Aisha who responded to all his tweets said,

“Ojota activists
Ojota activists
Ojota activists
Are you not human beings?
You are fixated about Ojota activists that happened 8 years ago but don’t want us to talk about Jonathan’s failure that ended 5 years ago.
Henry Sheild and Co hide your heads in shame!

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“I like to hide. Call for protest against Buhari. Stop blaming Ojota people or are you agreeing that you are a coward only good for blaming and can’t call for protest?
Buhari will soon join me in UK. Are you also coming?

“You are not that wicked only incompetent. You have been blaming Ojota activists the way Buhari has been blaming PDP. Oga, organise protest and stop begging @atiku to sponsor you the way he sponsored Buhari.

“E dey pain dem as I dey UK!
@henryshield I no dey look for favour from any politician & reason I can call them out even the ones I supported. You had to support some no matter what they did because of patronage.
Activism get levels! I worked on my financial independence first.

“Can someone tell me the difference between Buhari @MBuhari and @henryshield ? 5 years later Buhari is still blaming PDP government while 8 years later @henryshield and Co are still blaming Ojota activists.
Common to call for protest @henryshield turned himself to #ICCIF.

“I do not want to be taken seriously and that’s why I am asking you to organise the apolitical protest so I will not soil it.
When? @ariku is not coming. Won’t you come?”

Some of the tweets below;

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