Yoruba Leaders Demand to Secede From Nigeria

by on April 17, 2021

Yoruba leaders under the aegis of Ilana Omoodua Youth Initiatives on Saturday converged on Ibadan to demand the secession of the Yoruba Nation from Nigeria.

The over 200 affiliated bodies in the group threatened to disrupt the 2023 general elections if its agitation is not considered and met.

Secretary of the movement, Akin Adejumo, represented by Banji Akintoye at the rally, said, “It is only a lunatic that will be doing things in the same way and expect a different result. Yoruba people are not lunatic and that is why we want a better future for our children. Nigeria is not working.

“If you are a student of history, you will agree with me that Nigeria is not working. It is a movement that said there won’t be election in 2023 and not me. If you go round and ask our people, you will know that our people are not supporting election in 2023.”

Basorun Kunle Adesokan, another leader opined that, “We can no longer tolerate this undemocratic government again. Nigeria is not working and it won’t work. We want our Odu’a nation and we must achieve it,”.

“As we speak, we are no more Nigerians. We have given them an ultimatum and it has expired,” he said. “We are no more Nigerians. We are Oduduwa republic.”

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