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    akin sodimu

    The Custom Boss, Hammed Alli is experienced enough to understand that rudeness or insult to the Senate, is insult to the Federal Republic of Nigeria. One thing we should ask him is, where is your military discipline as a one time army officer? The Senate should sanction him, if found guilty after diligent investigation as to his recalcitrant posture to the Senate. The rigorous and foolish exercise of compelling owners of old vehicles to be paying custom duties for their vehicles if they don’t have the authentic custom papers is completely an absolute shame on the customs, they should be charged for negligence of duty, and also compounding the economic problems and challenges of an average Nigerian. The question we should ask the customs is this, where were they when those old vehicles came in, I think the customs are just playing to the gallery, but it is perfectly good as the Senate has invited the Custom Boss to investigate their wicked and inconsiderate action.


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