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Your Islamization agenda won’t suc­ceed, IPOB tells herdsmen

by on April 30, 2016

IPOB, in a separate statement, yesterday, also told the rampaging Fu­lani herdsmen wreaking havocs in dif­ferent parts of the country especially agrarian Christian communities that their secret agenda to Islamize Nige­ria would not succeed.

This was contained in a press statement released yesterday by IP­OB’s Media and Publicity Officer, Emma Powerful, while reacting to the recent invasion of Nimbo in Uzo- Uwani community by herdsmen.

According to IPOB, the main motive behind the orgy of attacks on Christian-dominated Southern communities by Fulani herdsmen is to destabilise Christians in the affect­ed areas to pave way for full Islamiza­tion of the country.
The pro-Biafra group, howev­er, said that the evil plot would not succeed but advised Christians in the country to be vigilant and unite against the antics of the herdsmen and their sponsors.

His words: “They tried this their Islamisation agenda before during the era of Usman Dan Fodio and Ahmadu Bello, but they did not su­ceed and they did it again in 1966-1970 when they decided to kill Bia­frans from two years up. We know that they will still fail again.
“To Christians in this country, are you still waiting for the total Islami­sation before you do something? This is the time to take our destiny in our hands before what happened to the Christians in the North Africa and Turkey happens to you.”

IPOB mocked the security oper­atives for their inability to stem the tide of herdsmen menace across the country, wondering why they are not using similar force used against pro­testing Biafran agitators!

“Now, the Hausa/Fulani Boko Haram terrorist group under the guise of herdsmen are killing, raping our women and girls, destroying our farmland and kidnapping our people with impunity on daily basis yet no­body is saying anything because the victims are Biafrans. The DSS will never come up with their concocted intelligence report again. Let the world hear it now,” they stated.

IPOB also criticised a Northern governor for his anti- Christian poli­cies and actions, saying his activities give morale to herdsmen.
“Let them go and see what the governor of Kaduna State is doing to the Christians in that state and their master in Aso Rock is not saying any­thing because it is a strategy to Islam­ise the Biafrans and Christians. While Fulani herdsmen kill hundreds all around the country daily, we remem­ber this tweet from “@elrufai never forget” – anyone, soldier or not that kills the Fulani takes a loan repayable one day no matter how long it takes.”


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  • Smart Okokobi
    April 30, 2016 at 8:02 am

    Can’t everybody get along?. Lets face the fact. How long are we going to biker against one another over these evil, satanic mindset of tribes & ethnicities?. and trying to create a fence against the other tribe or tribes in a very small country call Nigeria with more than 252 ethnic groups. Which tribe are you going to hate & which are you going to love in a very fast moving World?. Is it not time we seek & embrace peace , love & unity among all our lovely Nigerian people as the holy Scriptures instructed & directed.
    How many people in Nigeria know that America is bigger in size than the whole of Africa combined, that China is bigger than the whole of Africa combined, that India is bigger than the whole of Africa combined, that Russia is bigger than the whole of Africa combined. The list goes on & on.
    So, my brethrens, please be wise, forsake evil & hatred. Embrace peace & oneness for there lies joy & prosperity. Remember, HATRED IS A VERY, VERY BIG BURDEN TO CARRY IN OUR MINDS. HATRED EASILY KILLS THE PERSON CARRYING IT IN HIS MIND EVEN BEFORE THE PERSON’S PERCEIVE ENEMY OR ENEMIES.
    God bless us all & God bless Nigeria.


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