Your Recent Redeployment Ethnically Biased to Favour One Region- Security Expert Cautions IG

by on November 10, 2019

Beegeagles an online security blog and expert on regional security matters, today on her Twitter handle, @beegeaglesblog analysed the recent posting and deployment of senior police officers made by the Inspector General of Police, Idris Adamu and accused him of unethical acts laced with bias.

Read the thread below;

Police Affairs: This kind of flagrant disrespect for the sacred principle of “Federal Character” by the IGP is why I often tell us on this handle that the COAS, Lt Gen Buratai is a model Nigerian in whom I am well pleased while most of the rest are just from where they hail from.

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In a nutshell, every strategic and/or specialised arm of the Police has been secured for one half of the country. These kind of nepotistic antics is why criminals are on top of the police rather than the other way round since we refuse to live and let live.

1. AIG Dan Bature – AIG Finance+Admin

2. AIG Hyelasinda Musa – AIG, Police Mobile Force

3. AIG Dan Mallam Mohammed – AIG, Special Protection Unit

4. AIG Mua’zu Z. Halilu – AIG Counter Terrorist Unit

5. AIG Mohammed U. Kura – AIG,
Maritime Command

6. AIG Z. Bala Senchi – AIG Community Policing

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7. AIG Lawal Ado – AIG Works

8. AIG Ahmed Iliyasu – AIG Zone 2,Lagos

9. AIG Bello A. Sadiq – AIG Zone 1, Kano

10. AIG Zaki M. Ahmed – AIG Zone 6, Calabar

11. AIG Austin Agbonlahor Iwero fdc – AIG Directorate of Operations FHQ

If the foregoing is not profoundly disgusting and insensitive, I don’t know what is. If an AIG from the North is good for Lagos, why is one from the South not OK for Kano? We claim to be ONE, united country? A ribald joke we appear to be.

Compare that to Buratai’s dignified+nationalistic style – who is GOC 81 Division Lagos for instance?

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People, if nationalism and the spirit of give-and-take is not in one, it cannot be faked.

Compare such contemptible nonsense to Lt General Buratai’s enlightened style of diversity management?


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