Renala Khurd News : School Principal Raped 10th Class Girl

Renala Khurd Police has registered a case at the request of the raped girl's mother.

Renala Khurd ( The Breaking Times City News – December 31, 2021 – Arshad Farooq Butt ) The principal of a private school raped his 10th class student and made nude videos and pictures and kept abusing her for 8 months in Renala Khurd city.

Renala Khurd Police registered a case at the request of the raped girl’s mother. According to the FIR registered in Renala Khurd Sadar police station, in May 2021, Principal Nasir abused the “N” of town 7/1-L in the school room by injecting her with drugs.

The principal took nude photos and videos of the girl during the rape from his mobile phone and threatened to kill her if she told anyone.

The principal later blackmailed the girl and raped her several times. When the girl got annoyed and told her mother, the accused viralized nude videos and photos of the raped girl on social media.

Taking stern notice of the incident, DPO Okara Faisal Gulzar formed a special committee of expert police officers headed by DSP Renala Khurd. Under the supervision of SP Investigation Moaz Zafar, raids are being carried out at various places to arrest the accused Principal.

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