How to Complete E-Transfer Process on SIS Punjab

SIS Punjab App Allowes Teachers to Complete Transfer Process in 2022.

Lahore (SIS Punjab – Arshad Butt)

The transfer orders of the teachers who have undergone document verification in connection with the transfer will be issued on April 26, 2022 on their SIS Punjab account.

Following is the complete process of Relieving Old School, Joining New School, Closing Salary from Old School and Releasing Salaryry from New School.

1- Download transfer orders in PDF and print it clearly. You have to complete the joining and relieving on the date given by the school education department.

2. Contact the head of the school from which you have been transferred immediately. Open your profile from the School tab and scan the QR code of the transfer order by clicking on the Releasing option.

3- Your data will be removed from the school tab by this process. Immediately after that you should contact the head of the school where you are transferred.

Scan the QR code by clicking Join in that school tab and make an instant attendance on the school register.

There should not be a single day break between joining relieving. Join the new school on the day of the relieving.

4- Prepare 5 copies of Releaving and 5 copies of Joining. Because you will need that while making personal file.

5- Write a written application to the Dypty DEO if you are  Primary and Elementary Teachers.

The releaving report will be signed first by AEO and then by Dypty DEO.

High School Teachers Write a Releaving Application to the Old School Headmaster.

Only the headmaster should sign the relieving reports.

7- In case of transfer from Tehsil, District, Wing or High School to another High School, the Primary / Elementary Teachers should obtain LPC (Last Pay Certificate) from the Deputy DEO Office and the High School teachers from their Headmaster.
Contact the Accounts Office to receive a salary at the new school.

8- If the primary or elementary school teachers have been transferred to their tehsil, then there is no need to take LPC or go to the account office.

9- Online transfer orders must be confirmed by the CEO’s office.

Remember that no officer can stop you from going to a new school once the transfer orders have been issued.

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