What Happened to Beth Thomas And Brother Jonathan?

People have been around in the 80s and remember the terrifying story of Beth Thomas, a psychopathic little girl terrorizing her family. Let’s see what happened to Beth Thomas’ brother. Beth is an example of how everything during childhood affects the child’s life positively and negatively.

Her biological father sexually abused her when she was just 19 months old. It affected her mental health, and she developed a disorder named RAD, abbreviated from Reactive Attachment Disorder. Beth’s psychopathic behavior was shown in the 1992 CBS film named ‘ Child of Rage.’


Beth’s mother died when she was only one year old. Her biological father sexually abused her when she was only 19 months. No one can believe this. She has a brother named Jonathan and younger than she. Well, Beth and her brother were adopted by Tim Tannet and his wife named, Julie Tannet.

The couple did not know that the children had passed through several traumas. Therefore, after a short period, the nightmare started, and the adopted family was terrified by the girl’s behavior.

So they locked the six years old girl, Beth, a night because she roamed freely while they were sleeping. After that, she was admitted to the hospital by the family, and the doctor told her about a rare condition named Reactive Attachment Disorder.

She Tried to Kill Her Brother, Jonathan

While growing up, Beth always tried to hurt people, including her parents and younger brother. She killed four pets and also pressed a nest of baby birds to death.
Several times She tried to kill her brother. Once, she pushed him down and smashed his head against the cement floor. The adopted mother saved the boy after hearing his screams.

Inappropriate Sexual Behavior of Beth

The little girl was the victim of sexual abuse by her biological father, and therefore, she indulged in inappropriate sexual behavior towards her brother and other boys. She was pressing, hurting, kicking their private parts.

At the age of two, Juliana caught her when she was pulling her brother Jonathan’s organ and pushing her finger up his anus.

She had frequent nightmares in which an unknown man was climbing her body and tearing her apart. However, she also confessed that she masturbated at inappropriate places like parts and parking.

Where is Beth Thomas Now?

Adoptive parents did not give up on Beth despite the constant urge to kill or injure them. They took responsibility and took care of her to give her a better future for their kid. They enrolled Beth in a special home in 1989, where she got multiple therapies and treatments.

Thomas showed signs of affection and enrolled at a public school, where she made some friends. Currently, the 33 years old Beth Thomas is working as a nurse. Now she has fully recovered from the disorder RAD. Even she is helping others with this condition and running a business called Families By Design to cure children who are suffering from RAD.

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