Michael Oher’s Net Worth 2022 and All Other Details

Michael Oher is a popular American football offensive tackle who is earning a handsome amount of money. His story was chronicled in the Academy Award-winning 2009 film “The Blind Side,” in which Quinton Aaron played his role. Here we will talk about Michael Oher’s net worth, early and professional life, etc.

Michael Oher was the norm on 28th May 1986; his birthplace is Memphis, Tennessee. His father’s name was Michael Jerome Williams, and he spent most of his time in prison because he was an alcoholic.

So he had a rough childhood, repeated his first and second years, and studied at eleven different schools during his first nine years as a student. Anne and Sean Tuohy adopted him in 2004. Je went to high school and started playing football for the University of Mississippi.

His subject in the film “The Blind Side became very popular in which Quinton Aaron starred as Michael Oher. This movie was also nominated for Academy Awards for best picture and best actress for Bullock.

Michael Oher’s Net Worth 2022

Michael Oher’s name is included in the top 15 highest-paid footballers of 2022. According to sources, Michael Oher’s net worth 2022 is almost $20 million. He also has other assets like a Brentwood house and BMW 750 car.


What is Michael Oher doing now?

Oher has also used his platform to take on several projects in recent years. He launched an app called Good Deeds which connects people who want to help and/or receive help in some form. He's also been putting in the work to help balance the inequity within public education.

How good was Michael Oher?

Oher hit the ground running in the NFL, as he finished second in the 2009 AP Offensive Rookie of the Year voting and was named to the NFL All-Rookie Team that same year. Oher was in the NFL for eight seasons and started in all 110 games of his career, including 13 playoff games and two Super Bowl appearances.

Is Michael Oher still close with the Tuohys?

After spending much of his childhood within the foster care system, the former NFL player was adopted by the Tuohy family when he was 16. Even today, he continues to share a strong bond with the Tuohys. Michael and Tiffany got married after 17 years of being together.

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