Greg Gisoni Net Worth, and Married Life With Melissa Gisoni

Greg Gisoni is a well-known celebrity in the entertainment industry. However, he is more prominent because of his role in the engineering and nuclear energy sectors. On the other hand, he married Melissa Gisoni, Maddie’s stepfather, and Mackenzie Ziegler was his stepfather. Yes! He is best known as Melissa Gisoni’s second husband. Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler have impressive careers in the energy industry. Let’s explore all the details, such as Greg Gisoni’s net worth, career, relationship status, etc. 

Early Life 

The date of birth of Greg Gisoni is 12th August 1958, in the United States. He lives in Murrysville, Pennsylvania. Greg got his bachelor’s degree at the University of Pittsburgh. Greg held prominent positions at Westinghouse Energy Center, including Vice president and project director, showcasing his skills and dedication to his work. Meanwhile, His wife Melissa Gisoni is a popular American TV star with a massive fan following with her captivating dance reality show, Dance Moms.

Her daughters Mackenzie and Maddie also joined her on this incredible journey. Throughout her career, Melissa played a significant role in the dance industry and inspired the young dancers. She got widespread recognition through her dance reality show from 2011 to 2017. Maddie, Melissa’s daughter, was a prominent show member and was in the spotlight because of her involvement and unwavering support for her daughter.

Greg Gisoni

Professional Life 

Greg Gisoni has a successful career in his own right. He is right. He is a vice president and project director at Westinghouse Energy Center. Greg played a fantastic role in developing multiple key projects. His family is rooted in the energy industry, and Greg’s career achievements stand independently. Greg has a solid foundation in electrical engineering and embarked on his career with a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh. 

During his career, he played many significant roles, such as the director of engineering at nuclear automation, which led to his current position at Westinghouse Energy Center. At this institute, he contributed to developing and constructing advanced nuclear reactors.

His professional life revolves around his work at Westinghouse Energy Center. His work has undoubtedly had a great impact on the nuclear energy industry, focusing on the development, design, and construction of new nuclear plants.

Relationship Status

As we mentioned above, Greg Gisoni is Melissa Gisoni’s second husband and stepfather of Mackenzie Ziegler and Maddie. He has two children, Mathew and Michele, from a previous relationship. His sister-in-law is Renee Burkey. Melissa and Greg married in 2013 and developed a solid bond as a family. 

Melissa Ziegler is known for her involvement with Abby Lee Dance Company, where she showed her talent in the realm of dance in 2016. 

Greg and Melissa are a happily married couple living together along with their family. Melissa actually got married twice, and her first husband was Kurt Ziegler. However, the couple divorced in 2011, and she gained custody of her daughter. Later on, She married Greg Gisoni in 2013, who is the vice president and project director of an electric and energy company. Meanwhile, Greg has two children from a previous marriage: a son named Mathew Gisoni and a daughter named Michele Gisoni.

Greg Gisoni Net Worth

Greg earned most of his money as a project director and lived a luxurious life. According to sources, the estimated Greg Gisoni net worth is $2 million. Her wife is also earning a handsome amount of money, and according to sources, her net worth is also around about $2 million. No doubt Greg’s net worth and success are emblematic of his wealth. He has carved out his own legacy in the engineering world.

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