Solveig Karadottir: Facts About The Ex-Wife of Dhani Harrison 

George Harrison was a popular singer, songwriter, musician, novelist, and actor who passed away twenty years ago. He became famous as the parent of Dhani Harrison. His son Dhani became a well-known composer, songwriter, and musician in the music industry. George married Pattie Boyd from 1966 to 1977, and then later on, he exchanged the knot with Olivia Arias. Dhani is the sole child of former Beatles members George Harrison and Olivia. If you know Dhani Harrison, then you must definitely know his ex-wife, Solveig Karadottir. Yes! She became famous because of her husband. Here, we will talk about Dhani and his ex-wife, Solveig Karadottir.

Who is Dhani Harrison?

Dhani Harrison was born on 1st August 1978 in Windsor, Berkshire, England.  Everyone knows her as an England based composer, musician, and songwriter. His parents names are George Harrison and Olivia Harrison. Dhani began his career as a musician by assisting his father while recording George’s last album. After that, he founded his own band named thenewno2 in 2002.

The father of Dhani raised prominence as the lead guitarist of the Beatles, also known as the Quiet Beatles. Dhani is the creator and performer of multiple TV series theme songs. After his father’s death, Dhani founded his band, ‘thenewno2’, in 2002. Harrison and his crew played at some festivals and aired multiple chart-topping albums. 

Who is Solveing Karadottir

Dhani’s ex-wife, Solveig, is a fashion designer who lives in London. The talented lady is a co-founder and creative director of the apparel company Galvan London. Solveig and three other women from the fashion industry, Katherine Holmgren, Carolyn Hodler, and Anna Christin Haas, created the label. These four women created clean, fabulous dresses and jumpsuits.

His ex-wife Solveig is a psychotherapist and a skilled fashion designer who worked as a model since childhood. Recently, she posed for Eskimo and other fashion agencies. Well, the stunning lady is unmarried now after divorcing Dhani in 2016. He married the daughter of Icelandic neurologist and physicist Kari Stefansson, Solveig Karadottir. 

However, they divorced each other, and now people want to know about their divorce.  Solveig is a fashion designer and psychotherapist who lives in London. She started her career as a model and worked for Eskimo and other fashion agencies.  He married to Solveig Sola Karadottir in June 2012. The wedding ceremony was held at Harrison’s Friar Park Home in Henley on Thames, England. Their guest, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Tom Hanks, and Clive Owen, are included.

Solveig Karadotti

Designer of Solveig Karadottir’s Wedding Gown

Dhani Harrison married Solvein in 2012; they were engaged in January of the same year. His wife’s wedding gown was prepared by Stella McCartney, who is the daughter of Paul McCartney. The couple went down the aisle to Led Zeppelin’s song ‘The Rain.’. Moreover, before departure for the vacation in Seychelles and the Maldives, the couple danced to the Beach Boys, Don’t Talk; Put Your Head on My Shoulder. The marriage lasted for four years, and the couple divorced in 2016. 

The Reason Behind the Divorce of Harrison and karadottir

No rumors were heard about their marital problems during their marriage, but Dhani filed for divorce from his wife in November 2016. He filed the divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming irreconcilable differences. According to TMZ magazine, the legal expenses would be determined by an agreement signed by both parties. 

During their marriage, the couple appeared together at red carpet-events. In addition, neither Soveing nor Harrison has been in a public relationship since their divorce. Therefore, the reason for their decision to separate remains unknown. 

On the other hand, according to public speculation, their breakup was caused by their distinct professions. Because of his hectic schedule, like many other celebrities, he neglected his wife and did not give her enough time. However, these are not confirmed because Dhani and Solveig have not revealed any information.

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