Facts About Agent 00 Net Worth, Career, Love Life and Others

Agent 00 is a well-recognized YouTube Star and video gamer. He has become one of the top sources on the Agent 00 YouTube Channel for NBA 2 K games. He founded his channel called CallMeAgent00 and uploaded Grand Theft Auto three months later. Agent 00 is not his real name, so we will explore his bio and see Agent 00’s net worth, career, relationship status, and more. 

Early Life

Popular Youtuber Agent 00 was born on 23rd April 1996. His real name is Din Muktar, but his stage name is Agent 00. He has one sibling, but I don’t know his name. Also, no further information regarding his family, spouse, and children is available. Agent 00 got a higher education from Broke University.

The longtime YouTube creator created a top-down video and a thumbnail idea and put them up next in an hour. He spends most of his time playing the NBA 2k22 game, which is why his gaming channel focuses on it. He produced content regarding editing skills and then became a mature, full-fledged, full-time content creator. He uploads two videos per week twice.

Agent 00 talks about being an editor, and the NBA 2k community on YouTube was the major development for his profession on the platform. He worked on YouTube for years and became one of the top loyal creators of NBA 2k. He always wants other people to see his progress and that they are capable of great things, too.

Agent 00

Body Statistics

The young and popular Agent 00 is 26 years old. the height of Ageint 00 is 5 feet and 6 inches, and weighs around 86 kg. 

Relationship Status

Agent 00 keeps his love life private. People ask about it, but he has never been involved in any controversial issues. He has never dated anyone, so he seems to be just focusing on his career. 

Professional Life

Agent 00 started his YouTube channel with the name ‘CallMeAgent.’ After starting the channel, he uploaded Grand Theft Auto, which now has more than 1.67 million subscribers. Agent 00 has become one of the best NBA 2k20 gamers, making story-editing montages for his friends and other pro gamers. He encourages his fans by making videos and highlight reels. 

He is a full-time gamer and produces two videos per week. Moreover, he showed his comedic side through his commentary on his channel. Agent 00 is passionate about fame, and then 2k20 launched with some significant issues that led the charge to get the game fixed.

His feature content, ‘The Videogamer,’ is a leading source for NBA 2 gamers. His channel has experienced steady growth and has an impressive user base of more than 1.70 million subscribers. Once, Agent 00 became a collegiate sports manager, and in 2016, he said Kobe Bryant was his favorite player. The gamer made himself an expert on the Dazzle Capture Card while studying in high school. Later on, he started editing Call of Duty montages for some of his friends who played professionally.

He learned much in his career, and his channel grew fast after four or five years. Agent 00 bounced around on different games and landed on NBA 2k14. All of his school friends decided to get NBA 2k 14 at launch. They purchased it and played every day after school. Over started all this, NGS got better, and he began uploading YouTube content about the game. Agent 00 uploaded daily for three years and finally started seeing some traction. He made friends with comedic people in the 2k community, and they helped each other grow.

Agent 00 Net Worth

Agent 00 has a successful career and earns a handsome amount of money. The estimated agent 00 net worth is $5 million. His channel has more than 1.6 million subscribers, and he has accumulated over 330 million views. Agent 00 gets an average of 200,000 views per day from multiple sources, which provide revenue of around $1000 from the ads appearing on the videos.

YouTube pays $2-$7 per 1000 views, and these depend on multiple factors like the device on which the video is played, the position of the views, ad inventory and how multiple ads there are on a video, sort of advertisement, ad engagement, content niche, etc.

Agent 00

Social Media Appearance

Agent 00 is active on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and his YouTube channel. His channel is under the username ‘Agent 00 Gaming’, where he has a massive fan following. Most of his social accounts are under the username @CallMeAgentoo. On Instagram, he has 440k+ followers, and on Twitter, he has 695k followers.

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