A Short Checklist of ‘Must Haves’ When You Start Selling on Amazon

Many people who decide to start selling on sites such as Amazon go in blind with the rather fanciful idea that they will be able to make huge amounts of money without really investing much or having a clue about the best methods or tactics for achieving their goal.

This is fine if you just want to tinker; however, if you are thinking of making a profitable business or replacing a full-time income, you are going to require a little assistance. 

#1 Pick your products carefully 

You are first going to need to find a product, and this in itself requires some serious consideration. Overly fragile shipping items is certainly not for the faint-hearted and can be extremely expensive in the way of packaging costs. Having items continually turning up smashed or broken at your customer’s door will do little to help your business grow or build the kind of reputation you will need. Also, you should consider the size of the products themselves. Large products are going to be expensive to ship and store, so you will have to add all of this to your expenses.

#2 Don’t attempt the marketing yourself

Listing items can be repetitive, and those who get easily bored with the job write very little about the items they are trying to sell. This can be detrimental to the selling process as customers like to know and read about the product they purchase. However, getting an experienced Amazon marketing company such as nuancedmedia.com involved as soon as possible and helping you with your marketing strategies and your listings can dramatically boost your chances of selling and thus improve your profits.

#3 Packaging essentials 

You must provide your customer with the unboxing experience that they crave. This can actually increase the value of your product in your customer’s eyes, but you need to go about this the right way. Quality packaging is key, and if you have a brand or logo, then this should be printed on the box – and, if possible, the inner packaging too. If you can’t get it on your inner packaging, then make sure that your color scheme matches your brand or logo. 

You should include additional literature in with your product, either a care or ‘how-to-use’ leaflet with a little note of thanks for purchasing. Where possible, you should also enclose a leaflet or pamphlet that showcases your other products for sale. This can induce interest as well as additional sales and help you build a solid customer relationship.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there is more to selling on Amazon than taking a few photos, writing a line or two of text, and then hoping the rest will happen by magic. You will have to research your products thoroughly and decide on the size of your items as well as how this will affect storage and shipping costs. Invest in expert help so that your new Amazon business takes off and is successful from the start. Finally, ensure that your customers are totally satisfied and impressed with their purchase from the moment it comes through their door by enhancing their unboxing experience – so they choose to buy again.

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