Is Movpilot the Best Netflix Video Downloader? A Comprehensive Review

Watching your favorite seasons, shows, dramas, or any movie on Netflix has become so much more popular. Everyone likes to watch his favorite entertaining content online.

But if you want to enjoy the content in an offline mode or while traveling to make your journey a thrilling one, then we have a solution for you.

For streaming Netflix content in an offline mode, you can download it on your device to stream it according to your busy schedule, even if the internet is not available. Thanks to Movpilot Netflix Video Downloader, which offers downloading of Netflix videos in minutes.

In this article, we’ll review this amazing software so that you can decide whether to use this tool or not. So stay tuned with us to know everything about this software in minutes.

About Movpilot Netflix Video Downloader

Movpilot Netflix Video Downloader is software that can be used to download content from Netflix or many other sites. By leveraging this software, you can conveniently download whatever movie, season, or drama you want to watch offline.

Watching content on Netf;lix requires good internet connectivity and also a subscription package. Without it, you cannot view any of its content, as it is a paid platform.

This software helps you to save the videos and content from Netflix to use them later without an internet or subscription package.

This platform has the latest updates and security features that make sure that this platform is free from any kind of virus or any threats that may harm your device. Users can easily use it to get high-quality videos in any of their required formats.


Legal and Ethical Considerations

If we specifically talk about the legal and ethical considerations of this powerful tool, then the most crucial thing regarding this is the terms of service of Netflix. It means its legality directly depends upon the usage of Netflix.

Netflix has a wide variety of content that may have restrictions with respect to any specific region or country. So, if you are using it anywhere it’s legally banned, then this app doesn’t allow you to access the content as it cares for ethical values.

Copyright issues are also present on some videos while you download the content. So if you are willing to use a platform that will be totally free from its legal and ethical considerations, this will be your go-to choice.

How to Use  Netflix Videos Downloader?

This tool has an easy-to-use interface that allows its users to work with it effortlessly. No matter whether you are a beginner-level user or a pro, you can leverage this tool by following only these simple steps.

Step 1: Install and Launch Video Downloader

First of all, download the app on your device and let it install. It will take a few minutes to launch it properly on your device.

Step 2: Sign in to your Netflix Account

After installing the app, open it and sign in using your Netflix account credentials. It is a crucial step so that you can explore Netflix content on this app.

Step 3: Search For Any Content

Search for the required videos you want to download on your device. It may be any drama, movie, or season of your choice. Explore all of its content and choose the one you want to download.

Step 4: Start Downloading Netflix Videos to MP4

Select the download option to start downloading videos on the device. If you search for a season or a drama, then it will ask you which episodes you want to download. Provide the required input, and it will start downloading the file into MP4 as it is a default output format.

Step 5: Use Advanced Features

There are some additional features in this app that allow users to choose their output format, language, and subtitles option. If you are downloading multiple videos, then you will have two options.

One is you can select all videos with the same output format, language, and subtitles, but in case you want any video in any other language, then choose option 2 to customize the feature.


There are three types of pricing plans available on this paid software. The names of them are described below.

  • One Month Plan

It costs USD 15.95 and lasts for a month.

  • One Year Plan

It costs USD 59.95 and is valid for a year.

  • Lifetime Plan

It costs USD 128.95 and will last for lifetime use.

Best Netflix Video Downloader

Comparison With Other Netflix Downloaders

There are many other Netflix video downloaders found online. All of them are not much reliable as they have server issues, and their downloading ranges can also vary. Movpilot downloader is best as compared to others due to its updated features and downloading high-quality videos.

Another feature that makes this downloader stand out best among its competitors is that it allows Netflix videos to download and has access to many other platforms, including Disney, to access its content and download its videos.


You can enjoy uncountable benefits by using this tool. Some of the best we have found after considering its rating and review are described as under.

  • This software helps you download any video from Netflix, even if there is no option for saving available for that specific video. In this way, it will help you to download the video by using it.
  • Downloading videos from this tool offers not only high-quality video but also clear audio and subtitles.
  • The downloading speed of this tool is super fast, and it will take only a few minutes to download multiple videos.
  • You can choose the file format while downloading videos, including MKV and MP4 file formats.
  • This also helps you to download your content in the language of your choice.


There are some limitations of this software that are mentioned below to tell you the dark side of it.

  • It is a paid tool, and you can’t download any video for more than six minutes if you use its free trial version.
  • Due to peak hours, sometimes it doesn’t work properly just because of its server issues.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best tool that will serve you with the function of downloading Netflix videos on your device, then Movpilot Netflix Video Downloader is an ideal solution for you. This tool is powerful software with fast downloading speed on all its supported devices. You must check out this online tool to enjoy a cinema-like experience with it.


1- Is Movpilot offers any free trial or not?

Yes, this offers a free plan in which you can only download the first six minutes of any video. This is the limitation of this Netflix video downloader that left users disappointed with this free plan as it has a very short free trial.

2- Which languages are available for this video downloader?


It supports all the languages in which any video is available on Netflix. It is all up to the user which language the user selects for downloading. It also enables users to download subtitles of the video.

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