Roof Deck Types and ideas in 2022

When to replace the Roof Deck and Price?


Roof sheathing or decking is the framing of the roof with the help of boards made of wood. Shingles, pillars or other hard components are used to install those roof decks or sheaths.

What is Plank decking and how it is different from roof decking?

Plank decking was the old idea of decking and has been popular until it was replaced by plywood. Rectangular and elongated wooden boards are used in plank decking. Usually those boards are in 1×6 and 1×8 sizes.

What is Sheet Decking?

Sheet decking is the framing of the roof with the help of flat sheets made by wood. Plywood or oriented strand boards are used to make sheet decking. However, OSB (oriented strand boards are being used in modern times commonly. Normal size of the chips or strips are flat 7/16 sheet after being compressed.

When to replace the Roof Deck and Price?

Roof decking should be replaced when you find some of the strips rotten. Its price keep changing because of the environment and inflation. Usually its price is meseaured in per linear foot or per sheet.


In the suburbs, roof decking is a necessary and trendy accessory which are popular in new communities and colonies. Although you need to spend some time and money to get the ideal roof decking, but it gives you pleasure and satisfaction for long time. Now in the busy life of the cities it is becoming hard and hard to find such luxurious ideas of living a beautiful life.


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