Sir Big Spur: The Name Changed of South Carolina Mascot

For the second time this week, the South Carolina Gamecocks have announced that their live rooster mascot has a new name, and somehow, they’ve ended up back right where they started. The South Carolina Gamecocks announced that their live roaster mascot has a new name, and they ended up right where they started.

At the beginning of August, reports said that the school might have to change the name of its love mascot. There were multiple names were offered, like Cock Commander, etc. The school announced on Monday the title would be ‘The General’ as a reference to revolutionary war general Thomas Sumter, and the nickname is The Fighting Gamecock. Now the word is given to Sir Big Super because the latest rooster to take on the mantle has an intact comb.

After three days, we saw that the school had reversed course, and the General was no more. This dispute between the original and current rooster owners had been settled. Now the mascot will continue with the name Sir Bug Super. Well, the director of South Carolina marketing named, Eric Nichols said it was preferred that we would stay with the Sir Big Spur. I would appreciate the passion of the owners, Ron Albertelli and Mary Snelling. Now the new handlers, Van Clark and Beth have Gamecocks and The live mascot.

All this dispute started with a trimmed comb in the first place. According to Dave Cloninger of the Post and Courier, the comb will be embellished to bring him into lime with the status and name.

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