The Best Ways to Bring Awareness to your Brand


Brand awareness means that people know and recognize your brand. It is very important for marketing departments to create awareness for your company and its products and services. Brand awareness means that people should recall and connect with your brand whenever they think of a product or service that you produce. Brand awareness comes from your brand identity or the way that you choose to position your brand in the minds of consumers and other stakeholders in the marketplace. If the product or service is good, it will build brand loyalty among customers. This article will cover what are the best ways to bring awareness to your brand in the marketplace.

The Importance of Brand Awareness

People have to know and recognize your brand before they can start using your products. Today’s consumers are usually tech savvy and use online visual media to read customer comments, reviews and ratings about your brand before they consider buying it. Brand awareness means that customers know and recognize your logo, colors and the tagline for your brand, so that they can connect with it in on social media, images or short form videos.

The popularity of a brand is a direct reflection of its awareness and quality in the marketplace. That is why the Coke and Nike logos and the ‘Just Do It’ tagline are recognized across the world. Here are some tactics you can use to bring a strong awareness to your brand.

1. Build a recognizable brand.

This will ensure that your brand has a strong identity. This is a compendium of your brand voice, brand aesthetics and brand values. Brand voice is about what your brand sounds like. This reflects the tone of your brand messages in advertisements and other public messages. Your brand voice may vary depending on the channel you choose to communicate through. Brand aesthetic refers to the look that you portray for your different products and services. This covers fonts and colors. It reflects your look on visual media platforms. Brand values reflect what you stand for and the business principles you employ while interacting with others in the marketplace. The majority of consumers are influenced by your beliefs and values and use this decision to start, continue or stop their patronage of your product.

2. Tell a brand story.

The brand story is about the history and current status of your brand. You could relate it to a buyer’s journey or case study, making it more personal and engaging with customers. It could reflect how you found a gap in the market and how your product meets these needs.

3. Create values beyond your product.

This is your chance to woo customers by informing, educating or entertaining them. It should be a way of connecting with your audience in an engaging way. It helps establish a long term relationship with your brand.

4. Create shareable content.

Since the majority of interaction these days is on social media, you can promote your product through sharing posts that are informative and entertaining. Including a call to action that asks to share the product or tag a friend will accomplish the results you want.

5. Be socially responsible.

You can increase brand awareness by supporting local community initiatives that make life better for them. You can donate money to fundraisers or create a campaign of your own.

6. Offer a freebie.

Getting something for nothing is a strategy that works. It will create a buzz for your product. A free taste of what you offer is bound to get curious people to try your products or services.

7. Run social media contests.

This is where you use social media to connect with new and existing customers. You can make the contest more popular by advertising on various channels and asking for tags. If you collaborate with another brand, you can increase your audience size even more.

8. Work with social algorithms.

Channels like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are using artificial intelligence to make recommendations and predictions about audience behavior. Recommended content is seen by viewers who don’t follow you but could be a good fit based on content that you have watched. It is also a good way of increasing brand awareness. People have to be genuinely interested in the content that you create in order for them to subscribe and follow you.

9. Use brand awareness advertising.

Social media networks offer ads that focus on brand awareness for people who use their tools. They have Awareness or Reach objectives that are targeted towards brand awareness or recall.

Using a Signature Designer to Create Brand Awareness

Just like a unique font and logo, using a signature designer like Artlogo can create anexclusive brand identity for your business. A digital signature can form part of your brand identity just like that of a celebrity or business owner. You can use Artlogo’s online signature designer tool that is available online as a free resource for creating a digital signature.

You can draw the signature using a mouse, light pen, tablet, touchpad or smartphone. Then download it as a .png file. Artlogo’s signature generator lets you type your name into the program and choose from a variety of fonts to see which is best for you. A third option is to write your signature on a piece of paper, scan or photograph it and use our free online scanning tool to convert it into a .png file. You must make your signature look streamlined and simplistic, so that it could be replicated by you. Consider highlighting letters that stand out so that they can be the hallmark of your signature design.


Brand awareness is all about reach, impressions and the audience growth rate. Reach is the number of people who saw your content. Impressions is the number of times people saw your content. Audience growth rate measures how quickly your audience is growing. Social share of voice is a way to measure the awareness of your brand compared to your competitors. And best of all, direct traffic is the number of people that land on your website directly by typing in your website address, as compared to those who find you through a search engine, social channel or other means. It shows that they are clearly aware of your brand.

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