Top Tips to Improve Your Brand Image

It is a fact that in 2023 every business needs to take meaningful steps to build and improve its brand image. Put simply, companies with a strong and positive brand image can command a greater market share. A highly recognizable brand is one that more consumers are likely to choose over competitors offerings and they are often prepared to pay a premium price for high branded goods. Consider the sports shoes market; leading brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Reebok are favored by millions of consumers who are happy to pay considerably higher prices for their sports shoes when compared to other brands that are less established or have a lower brand image. Building a strong and instantly recognizable brand image takes time and effort. However, in this article, three top tips are discussed that are proven to help any firm improve its brand image and get increased attention in the marketplace.

Support worthy causes

As a first example, organizations in all sectors of business can improve their brand image by supporting charities and good causes. There are a wide range of firms that do this and enjoy an improved brand image as a direct result. One example is the footwear company Toms, which donates one-third of its profits to support grassroots community programs and initiatives that are designed to drive positive local change. The company focuses its support work on mental health initiatives, ending gun violence and allowing disadvantaged people and communities to have a greater chance of enjoying economic prosperity. The key point to consider when deciding on what good cause to support is that the values of this charity or cause must resonate with your target market. 

Thoroughly research your target market

Developing a deep understanding of your target market is a key way to gain the tools and information needed to be able to tailor your brand image to their values. You can read more about what a target market is and how to define the target market of your firm by clicking here. It is of paramount importance that market research is undertaken (either by using primary market research that you have developed in-house, or by purchasing existing market research information and statistics from reputable market research organizations such as Mintel). This information will allow you to gain specific information on the demographics, values and buying habits of your target market. You can then tailor every facet of your brand to appeal to this market’s tastes and values.

Produce branded merchandise 

Every company should consider producing its own range of branded merchandise. Put simply, it can be a key way to improve brand image and grow the recognition of your brand. From branded mouse mats to coffee mugs and baseball hats, many different items can be effectively branded. Organizations such as Anthem Branding company specialize in providing bespoke branding merchandise solutions for a wide range of businesses in various market sectors. These items can then be given out to clients and at events such as trade shows. Branded merchandise that has a daily purpose (such as a pen or mouse mat) will increase brand awareness. It is important to ensure that any branded merchandise is of high quality so that it supports the assumption that the company itself makes high-quality products or services.

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