When Should Your Growing Business Reconsider Packaging Solutions

While packaging design is essential to brand recognition, leaving your containers unchanged for too long can actually work against you. Is it time to change your custom coffee packaging? Here are the top reasons to change your design.

When Your Product Formula Changes

Businesses change product formulas for a variety of reasons:

  • Switching to more cost-effective ingredients
  • Moving to a more sustainable model
  • Modifying ingredients to accommodate more dietary restrictions

As a result, you may need to adjust the labels for new nutritional information or to advertise the change. Many companies find it better to acknowledge the switch as soon as possible rather than let customers discover it on their own. Showcasing the difference allows you to spin the narrative to your advantage; waiting can make it seem like you have something to hide.

Your Packaging Design Is Outdated

Trends are fickle, especially in the internet age. If you don’t update your packaging designs over the years, they can appear outdated and fail to catch consumers’ eyes. People may even think your company is behind the times in other departments, even if that’s not the case.

What if nostalgia is essential to your brand? You can still leverage fond feelings for the past with vintage-inspired labels or packaging that mimics the original design but incorporates modern details. Most importantly, your containers should hold up next to competitors’ products.

You’re Introducing Products

Sometimes, your current packaging doesn’t fit new products. For example, if you sell cookies in lay-flat packaging and want to branch into trail mix, you may need to get mylar bags custom printed.

Your new products may also have different dimensions that your current designs don’t fit. After all, curving labels create a different effect than lay-flat packaging, and you can accidentally create creepy, funny or offensive images if you don’t take the shape into consideration.

You should also reconsider the packaging of your established products when launching a new line. Continuity is good for brand awareness, so if you make small adjustments for new containers, you should include those changes across all labels.

You’re Rebranding

Sometimes it’s not just the products that need a facelift — it’s the whole brand. If you decide to update your company’s image, packaging redesign must be part of the deal. Otherwise, consumers may believe the change is only superficial, and there’s nothing new or exciting to try.

You Want To Take Advantage of New Technology

Advances in materials, printing and other sectors can benefit both manufacturers and consumers. Packaging that extends the shelf life of your products or makes containers child-proof can pay off in the long run.

There’s also sustainability to consider. Damage to the environment is a major concern to many customers, so choosing eco-friendly materials and printing practices can grow your base.

If any of the above describes your company’s situation, it’s time to search for “flexible packaging companies near me.” With the help of a high-quality manufacturer, you can create containers that keep your products fresh, enforce your branding strategy and stand out on the shelf.

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