Adiba Mubarak case Chichawatni, there is going to be a tragedy!

Adeeba Mubarak is a missing girl of Chichawatni city

By : Arshad Farooq Butt

“There were no shoes on the feet of the little Adeeba, she went out into the street barefoot and was picked up.”

8 days have passed since the disappearance of the young girl Adeeba in Chichawatni city where every citizen including me has some degree of hypocrisy.

We, the people of Chichawatni, whose heart is immediately saddened by the people living in the urban area and the grief of the people living in the village are secondary. Even if the dog of the rich man dies, we do not get sleep all night long, and if the whole universe of the poor man dies, it does not even knock on our heart.

Our political leadership is silent, dozens of fundraising civic and welfare organizations are enjoying the dream rabbit. And the police are traditionally waiting for the dead body of the missing girl.

Is it necessary to wait for the tragedy? Absolutely not! Each of us must play our part.

All the parents, including me, who have been blessed by Allah with the blessing of a daughter, can feel the anguish of the mother and father of the missing child. The parents of the missing girl are dying every moment.

Police suspects that the girl may have been picked up by beggars to make her a beggar. Another reason for the disappearance could be a misguided person from the village.

I urge social organizations and wealthy individuals to set up an immediate relief fund for the affected family so that they can bear the cost of finding the baby with the help of sniffer dogs. In addition, poor family needs legal assistance. 

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