200 trucks of flour leaving for Afghanistan via Torkham border

If steps are not taken to end this crisis, the situation could get worse.

Aman Ali Shinwari
Pakistan supports the World Food Program (WFP) in reducing the acute shortage of food in Afghanistan. Because the crisis in Afghanistan is growing very fast. According to a survey, 22 million people in Afghanistan suffer from severe food shortages.
If steps are not taken to end this crisis, the situation could get worse. The World Food Program (WFP) is committed to delivering food on an emergency basis to alleviate the crisis in Afghanistan. In this regard, WFP has started sending flour to Afghanistan.
10,000 metric tons of flour is being sent through 200 trucks via Torkham. In this regard, Chrisley, Country Director of the World Food Program, said that a consignment of WFP is sending to Afghanistan with collaboration of Pakistan ministry of food security and commerce.
This flour will be a major factor in saving the lives of Afghans in crisis. In this regard, the initiative of the Government of Pakistan to facilitate air services between Kabul and Islamabad besides the Torkham and Chaman borders is welcome to help Afghans.
The use of air services is a key step in easing this crisis, which will greatly facilitate WFP’s efforts. Pakistan has appreciated WFP’s relief efforts in Afghanistan and called the process of supporting Afghans a good move.
The country director also said that the WFP has won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2020 because the WFP has taken great strides in maintaining law and order, the effects of climate change, natural disasters and stability and prosperity.
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