Has Scotty Sire and McAtee Kristen ‘ Drifted Apart’?

YouTube power couple Scotty Sire and Kristen McAtee have now decided to call time on a five-year-long relationship and explained why the difficult decision was the right choice. It is an emotional video of their fans.

The couple Kristen and Scotty met in 2015 and started dating after spending the next half-decade producing plenty of videos and content together.

Things appeared to be the same as in their regular YouTube videos. Sire and McAtee admitted that plenty of their fans had yet to see behind the scenes. Let’s start with a little introduction of vloggers.

Who Is Scotty Sire?

Scotty Sire is a popular American YouTuber who is famous for his 6-second videos. Scotty collaborates with Vine stars with solid bases in California to create these videos.

These stars include Gabrielle Hanah, Darius Benson, and his roommate Gary Rojas. Furthermore, he acted in many movies, including Summer Forever, FML, and The Pizza Guy.

Most of his content is on comedy and basic things of daily life, including some common issues like dating. On his channel, he has more than 4 million followers.

Scotty Sir began his career in his father’s construction company. Soon, he left the job and became a bartender. After that, he became an avid anime movie fan and wanted to express his feelings about everyday life and incidents. Then, his 6-second videos gave him an instant hit with the general public and gained many followers.lpsg scotty sire

Who is Kristen McAtee?

The American Social media influencer Kristen McAtee started her career in fashion and merchandising, which later turned into vlogging. She started a YouTube channel and posts various entertaining content on it.

Then, she entered a relationship with Scotty Sire, making them more popular. This relationship gave benefits to both vloggers. Besides, Kristen created a few Vines for her account and got prominence as a YouTuber and Instagram model.

Kristen was sure about her career choice as she had a keen interest in fashion designing and marketing, which led her to earn a degree in that field. After working in the field of fashion, she turned to YouTube and started her career as a vlogger.

Couple ‘Drifted Apart’ After Five Years

According to the couple, they posted a six-minute video on 6th February in which things seemed perfect, but the differences each wanted to go in their lives, and a series of discussions led to the final decision.

Scotty said you see us on the internet while having fun and having a good time, but never see us in an argument or the conversations we have off camera.

We are drifting apart. Is that simple? Furthermore, he said, we were in a relationship because it was comfortable as no doubt we love each other and care about it too. But now that is the right decision for us, definitely a difficult one too.

The video is information for all the fans titled ‘We broke up.’ They told the story when they met in 2015 and shot videos like the ionic ‘Kristen Thinks Our Dog is a Chicken Muffin’, my girlfriend being weird for five minutes, trying to attract sea bears at Stagecoach, and many more.

Their relationship was considered ideal as many social media posts were seen on the title and, more interesting, an eighth-chapter fanfiction titled, ‘ Scott Sire & Kristen McAtee: A Love Story published on Wattpad.

 ‘Black Mirror Episode’

McAtee struggled to hold back the tears in the story of the video and also agreed with her ex-boyfriend, who stayed together for as long as they had sometimes drifted apart.

Our relationship was fine, and we have been together for so long that it was comfortable, but now we are to the point where we are separating from each other. So, in the end, we want to thank you for watching, and that is like a black mirror episode right there.

lpsg scotty sire and McAtee Kristen couples

The Couple Requested ‘Don’t Take Sides’

The couple has kept their split under the radar and admitted that it was fair to keep the fans updated because they became known as Scott and Kristen on the internet.

Over the past week and a half, I have not wanted to post from my house because people still think we were together and had tweets asking us if we were broken up.

McAtee also requested fans to avoid choosing sides because we both are still friends and mutually decided that it was time to quit. Therefore, there is no reason to take sides because nothing bad happened. That is a request from the bottom of my heart: respect forever.

In a nutshell, Scotty Sire and Kriten have separated their ways. It is also possible they may take some time away from the content creation to sort things out.

Fans are also sad after watching their videos, as the couple had a high-profile relationship. Some stars also advised them never to get into a relationship again after things do not work out for a second time.

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