Alex Roldan Khloe Kardashian: Who Khloe Kardashian’s Real Father?

When Kardashian started dry-humping American living rooms, rumors were spread about whether Khloe was a real Kardashian. Why? Khloe is wider and taller, bears a less facial resemblance, and is more intelligent than her sisters. A few seasons ago, in an episode, Khloe demanded if she was adopted and forced Kris Jenner to take a DNA test.

After Kim’s Divorce, after 72 days, Anti Kardashian backlash wreaked havoc on America’s second first family rumors came out. Most of the backlash was against Khloe in which two ex-wives of Robert Kardashian- the girls’ father and Kris’s ex named Jan Ashley and Ellen.

To give the interview to Star magazine, Pierson told Robert a matter of fact about how Khloe is not Kardashian. They claimed that Khloe did not resemble her other siblings. But Ellen said Robert Kardashian never considered a DNA test because he loved it very much.

The latest rumor is that Alex Roldan, the former hairdresser of Kris Jennifer in the 80s, is Khloe’s biological dad.
That was so unkind, but a matter of fact that only one man could be the father of Khloe Kardashian. Robert is the parent who tucked her that night, helped her, and supported her net worth.

Mu sisters have a different mother than my brother and I. My father’s first wife died when my siblings were young, and Dad married my mother and adopted his kids. My parents made part of my brother and me into our family as we were raised together. In addition, My mother is not my sisters; she made their Halloween costumes, baked their birthday cakes, and planned their weddings.

In an early episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashian, the first season, Khloe gets a DUI. It all happened around the anniversary of Robert’s death that was struggling with. Moreover, Khloe said she was self-medicating with alcohol because she felt affected by her father’s death. Who is Khloe’s father? This is all you need to know.

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