All About the Billionaire Edward Shay’s Daughter, Anna Shay – The Star of Bling Empire

Bling Empire is a popular and worthy reality Netflix series. It follows a wealthy group of Asian and Asian Americans. In this show, Anna Shay is the ultra-wealthy star and at the top of the show’s social hierarchy. The media captured her with her superior attitude when she came into the show.

Let’s talk about all the details of Anna Shay, like her net worth, life, parents, etc. Anna’s father’s name is Edward Shay, and he is a wealthy man. So we will explore Edward Shay net worth too.

Parents of Anna Shay

Anna Shay’s date of birth is 31st December 1960. She is the daughter of a billionaire named Edward Shay, and her mother’s name is Ai Oizumi Shay. Her father was a genius and founded the Pacific Architects &Engineers in 1955.

Moreover, he was an architectural and engineering firm assisting the US government’s effort to rebuild Asia after  Worl,d War II. Anna’s mother was from Japan, and her father was from Chicago.

Anna became popular at a very young age. She shifted from Japan to America at the age of seven. At that time, she was a kid, the owner of a pet monkey, and her pet was along with her on the flight to America.

She lost her mother in 1995, and then in 2015, her mother passed away. Anna was left alone to carry the name of her family. Anna sold Lockheed Martin in$1.2 billion deal in 2006. Anna’s height is five feet and four inches, and she weighs 62 kg.

Anna Shay and Edward Shay Net Worth

As we said, Anna belongs to a billionaire family. She made many investments to help in the path of philanthropy. According to sources, she owns a net worth of almost $600 million. It is actually her father Edward Shay net worth and now she owns it.

Relationship Status

Anna has a son named Kenny kemp. She shows affection toward his son and bestows infinite love on him. Buzzfeed wrote about Anna’s son, “Kenny’s collection of bongs worth “half a million dollars in 2015. She is not a married woman now.

But before that, she married four times and then divorced. There are no details about her ex-husbands. However, some reports say Anna’s Son father’s name is Ken Kemp.

Anna Shay is very generous in friendship as she says, ‘When Anna Shay Like you, she likes you when she is your friend, she is your good friend.”

Her best friend’s name is Florent Bonadei. Florent mentioned Anna as his real friend, and they also made an appearance on social media like Instagram.


Is Anna Shay a billionaire?

Shay's net worth is USD 600 million, a large amount of which comprises the advances from the sale of shares inherited from her father, who was a billionaire. Anna's father Edward Shay was the founder of Pacific Architects and Engineers, which dealt with weapons and other technologies used by the military.

Who inherited Anna Shay's money?

The Bling Empire star leaves her fortune to her son Kenny Kemp and her grandchildren, whose names have not been made public. Anna Shay also leaves behind a massive 506K followers who have already started paying tributes to the matriarch in the comments section.

Why did Anna Shay pass away?

Her family confirmed her death to The Associated Press in a statement, which said the cause was a stroke.

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