American basketball Player PJ Washington’s Net Worth and Personal Life With Ex-Wife Brittany Renner

Brittany Renner is a fitness model and former Jackstone States soccer player. She has allegedly managed to indulge in her fair share of popular men, Drake, Tyga, Lil Uzi Vert, Karoernick, Chris, and Trey Songz. Here we will talk about Brittany and her relationship with PJ. Moreover, we will read about Brittany and PJ Washington’s Net Worth.

She began the journey to internet fame as a fitness content creator. Brittany posted funny and flirty photos that showed her soccer skills and curvy physique.

She posted the video on youtube with the title “ Brittany Renner Track Circuit,” which went viral. Brittany also came into the limelight because of her secret filed divorce from PJ Washington. She faced accusations of witnessing PJ for child support payments. A TikTok video also showed her high-profile romances.

Brittany Renner’s Details on Dating History

Brittany and PJ have been dating for many years, and they made it publicized in 2021. They announced baby boy’s birth on social media accounts. Well, their relationship did not last long, and they unfollowed each other in June 2021. PJ tweeted on 26th June 2021, “ You were faking it all along.”

However, this post was removed after some time. There were so many rumors were came about Brittany’s infidelity when PJ shared a screenshot of the video song “ Mad at You.” Now, Washington paid $200k month;y for child support to his former wife.

Hoops tweeted, “ PJ Washington is now forced to pay $200l per month in child support. She filed for divorce after two weeks after the birth of the baby. When the baby turns 18, he will be bound to pay $43 million to Brittany.

Who Is Tyga?

Tyga is her previous lover, and rumors say, “ Never met her.” Renner wrote, “ Is this same past you want me to be ashamed of? Just because I am not sorry.” According to Brittany, they never had a romantic relationship.

Brittany Renner was born on 26th February 1992 in Mississippi, United States of America. She has two siblings, Steven Renner and Lexie Renner. She has five feet and six inches in height.

Brittany is a fitness model and did modeling for many brands. She has almost 4,5 million followers on social media platforms. She posted content on Youtuber regarding fitness. Not only this, but she is also the author of a book named Judge This Cover. Before that, she has also done jobs as a salesgirl and caregiver.

Brittany and PJ Washington’s Net Worth

Brittany is making money from social media platforms. The estimated net worth of Brittany is $500k to $800k. But we don’t know PJ Washington’s net worth. We will update this after getting information regarding this.

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