Anna Kendrick says Beca and Chloe Pitch Perfect are Lesbians

Anna Kendrick said Beca and Chloe pitch perfect characters are lesbians. Did you ever watch Pitch Perfect scream, ‘ oh come on!’ in this, we clearly can see Beca and Chloe are in love forever. Therefore, there is the best possible news for all of you.

This glorious reality came into the limelight when The Advocate asked Kendrick who she would cast as her lesbian love interest in the future film. She said in Brittany Show, ‘ there is no specific fandom about Beca and Chloe, my and Brittany Show’s characters from pitch perfect. I feel it would be a real betrayal not to select Brittany. No doubt our characters are in a lesbian relationship. They are secretly in love, and we have joked that they all will be passionate about lovemaking in the third film.

Kendrick admitted that she and Snow pushed that chemistry further in Pitch Perfect 2. The reason is that people thought their secretly in-love interactions were so cute.

There is some serious cuteness between Chloe and Beca, and in many movies, both characters are seen in love with each other. However, they never openly acknowledged this relationship. They knew the audience was involved in this idea of being there shows we have come a long way as a culture.

According to actresses, our close male friends are gay when she goes home for thanksgiving dinner. And few are fewer lesbians but a bit unhappy about it. I think if you were queer, Anna Kendrick would hang out with you daily, and that’s all you wanted me to say in this post.

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