Ara Queen Bae: How the Model/Artist became Successful After Got Bullying

Do you know the Instagram influencer AraQueenBae featured in the music video ‘No Guidance?’ She got famous because of her curves and striking looks. Let’s see who the model behind the Instagram account is.

Ara Queen Bae did not grow 470k+ Instagram followers overnight. She was born in Tehran, Iran, and shifted to Canada when she was 10. Ara Queen Bae plays a large part in turning her into an entrepreneur and female success story.

Ara Queen Bae Was Not Always Confident

Ara Queen Bae is a successful Instagram and doesn’t always have the confidence she has now. For her, junior and high school were not easy paths. The family shifted to Canada from Iran at 10 to give her a better life.

Bullying has become a pandemic and getting worse as time goes on. Every young child deals with childhood bullies; the same happened to her. She endured her fair share of bullying comments from peers about her sexual looks. Look at the photos; it seems difficult to imagine that this model struggled with her confidence.

Sexuality is something that Ara Queen embraced today when she was younger to make her a target. Kids bully her for being sexy and spreading false rumors about her in school. All this also affected her mental health, and she started to dread going to school and dealing with the bullies in her life. Social media provided an outlet and became her passion.

Social Media Appearance

Ara Queen Bae has a rich history with social media. She has a massive fan following on Fecebook and was one of the first few people on Instagram when the site launched. She posted pictures of herself in high school and was very shy when she got critics because of her physique.

The trend carries through to today, and the model is famous for posing for sexy photos and wall calendars that show off her curves.

She embraced her femininity and proved that being a woman is okay, no matter what you look like. This is a message that is desperately needed in today’s security, with women tearing each other down. All women should support each other instead of pulling down.

Ara Queen Bae Passion for Travel

Ara was always passionate about traveling ever since she was a little girl. She traveled with friends, family, and even on her own. Ara Queen Bae also posted on social media as an Instagram model, influencer, YouTuber, and coach and fulfilled her dreams.

Modeling and traveling go hand in hand with her. She is passionate and empowers women to be confident in their skin; that’s not every girl’s dream job, and don’t know what it is.

Ara Queen bae message for struggling person

Everyone deals with bullying, no matter whether you are a girl or a boy. She has a clear message for every young girl and boy who face bullying. She gave the message that people get bullied, and karma comes around.

You will have your chance to become successful. Just believe in yourself and your dreams if you stay consistent and put in work toward achieving the goals every single day. You will outshine any bully. Now, no one can deny her success as she was able to achieve whatever she wanted.

Being a coach and entrepreneur

Ara Queen Bae is an Instagram model and has a massive fan following. She started coaching and helping the girls to achieve their dreams. She is also an entrepreneur who started a company called Girls Gone High and many other upcoming projects. There is no sign of slowing down to feature in magazines and music videos while pursuing her efforts.

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