Bethany Ciotola: Physical Appearnace, Career, Relationship Status and Net Worth

Bethany Ciotola is a popular social media influencer from the United States. She is an amazing rising star and has more than 540k followers. Everyone knows her because of her gorgeous looks and styles. Let’s know about all the details of Bethany Ciotola.

Bethany was born on 28th May 1989 in the United States. She is famous for Satire video cuts, lip matches, moving recordings, etc. Bethany came into the limelight because of Instagram pictures and videos. She always received attention and affection from her parents. They always support her to achieve their objectives. There is no information regarding her family and siblings. Bethany graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in advertising.

Physical appearance of Bethany Ciotola

The beautiful model and social media influencer’s height is 5’8″. There is no detail regarding her weight. Bethany has beautiful hazel eyes and brown hair.

Relationship Status

Bethany is married to Chris in 2013 and living a happy life. Everyone is anxious to know about her personal life. They look fantastic together. They have four children named Will, Kai, Rowen, and Cole. After completing graduation, Ciotola pursued her career in the United States.

She posted a picture of herself in October 2013. She was 20 when she met Chris, and they reminded her of Taylor Lautner’s older, sexier sibling. Bethany had felt a strong connection to someone in a very short period. She made Chris weep and made him cry. The couple held a small ceremony in New York City for family and friends to commemorate their union.


The Instagram mother is kind, funny, and loving personality. Bethany likes historical teen dramas with Keira Knightley. Some people claim her an introvert, but she comes off as laid back person who enjoys interacting with others.

Being a mom blogger, she has a very adventurous and close bond with one another. Will becomes an aggressive hairdresser during attempting to comb Kai’s hair. Undoubtedly, Bethany Ciotala is a mother blogger who encourages other mothers to do their best and care for themselves.

Social Media Appearance

Bethany is a well-known American blogger and has a large number of followers. People can follow her on her Instagram account under the username @bethanyciotola, where she has over 540k followers.

Net worth

Bethany is active on Tiktokchannel and earns from it. The estimated net worth of Bethany is between $400,000 and $500,000. In this net worth, all her assets are included.

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