Bronx Pankey: Parents, Siblings, and All Other Details

Bronx Pankey is a well know American child celebrity. She got prominence from the show Love & Hip Hop: New York cast members Amina and Peter. They are her parents, let’s talk about all the details. Bronx Pankey was born on 9th August 2016. She is the child of well know celebrity couple Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly. the couple also has ten other children Jamison Pankey is also included.

She has one sibling named Cori Pankey, who was born on 29th July 2014. Bronx is the second child of Amina and the tenth of Peter. She has a lovely personality with beautiful eyes and hair.

Social Media Appearance

Bronx Pankey is the older sister of Cori, and they have a combined account under username @coriandbx with 42.5 k followers.

Who Is Amina Buddafly

Amina is a Senegalese German singer who gained popularity as part of the black Buddafly female group. It was founded by her sister Sophie and Jazz. She was raised in Hamburg, Germany, and is an artist who loves to write songs. Her first solo album was ‘ I AM Part 1, launched that she wrote and composed by herself.

The second release of ‘ I AM Part’ was released in the same year. Amina is active on social media such as Instagram @aminabuddafly with 2 million followers, Twitter with 237.4k followers, and on Facebook 155kfollowrs. The most interesting fact is that she is an official author and published her book named “ The Other Women.”

Who Is Peter Gunz

Peter Gunz is a popular American rapper who gained fame because of Lord Tariq And Peter Gunz. After that, an album was released named ‘Make It Reign.” It was a successful album and ranked 38 number on the Billboard 2000 in The United States.

Gunz is popular because of his hit song Déjà vu, which included among the top 10 singles on Billboard 100 in the United States in 1988. He was nominated for the Grammy Award. He is also active on social media like Instagram under the username @petergunz174 with 892k followers and on Twitter under the name @IamPeterGunz with 189.6k followers.

Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly In Love & Hip Hop: New York

Amina was the secretive wife of Peter Gunz and the major cast member of Love& Hip Hop: New York for two seasons. Peter was a supporting cast member from season four to seven and then in ten.

Tara Wallace has been her partner of Peter for the last 11 years, and she is a tv celebrity and also a cast member of Love & Hip Hop: New York. Peter and Peter’sPeter’s wife Amina had a heated argument when Peter’sPeter’s secretive marriage was revealed. So we see Peter between these two ladies in these seasons. 

They married in 2013 and separated ways in 2018 because of affairs. Peter was not a committed guy in his love life and had relationships with many other girls. Bronx’s mother is raising her daughter alone. She also claims that marriage with Peter was the worst decision and now separation was necessary.

Bronx Pankey’s Parents’ Net Worth

Amina Buddafly is a mother of the Bronx, and she is a well-known tv personality and author. The estimated net worth of the mother is $600,000. Peter Gunz is the father who is a popular artist and has a net worth of $1 million.


Who is Bronx Pankey, and how did she become a celebrity?

She is a well-known American child celebrity who gained prominence through her parents, Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz. She became known to the public when her parents appeared on the show Love & Hip Hop: New York as cast members.

When was Bronx Pankey born, and who are her parents?

She was born on 9th August 2016. She is the daughter of Amina Buddafly, a Senegalese German singer and former black Buddafly female group member, and Peter Gunz, a famous American rapper known for his hit song "Déjà vu."

Does Bronx Pankey have any siblings?

Yes, Bronx has one sibling named Cori Pankey, born on 29th July 2014.

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