Caleb Finn’s Girlfriend Lil Soup To Embark On A New Chapter: Becoming Parents

Caleb Finn and His girlfriend Lil announced the pregnancy in the past. The couple made social media a sensation by announcing they were expecting their first child.

Finn posted a video named Revealing My Biggest secret in which he talked about their relationship. he explained that he was finally shifting that had been a long time coming. Finn disclosed his secret about halfway through the video. They had been dating for a year.

The social media star articulated how he and Finn’s girlfriend found out they were pregnant, and they were unaware of this until the doctor’s appointment confirmed it. Both were happy when they knew this and expressed it on social media. There were hundreds of congratulatory messages.

Caleb’s YouTube video featured Lil Soup, and they told the first child will arrive in mid-2020. Moreover, Finn shared a sonogram photo with Lil and showed her baby bump. He made another sketch depicting the couple preparing for the birth of the child that disclosed the baby’s due date of February 2022.

Early life of Caleb Finn

Caleb Finn’s date of birth was born on 9th December 1994. His birthplace is Australia and got famous as the Transition King on TikTok. Caleb worked so hard as a schoolteacher from 9 to 5 job.

He started making videos to show his creativity. There are almost 11 million followers on Instagram. When they announced the news, fans became more curious to know about Finn’s girlfriend, Lil Soup.

Finn’s Girlfriend, Lil Soup

The 25 yuears old Lil is TikToker. She is dating Caleb, who is also a fellow TikToker. They have been together since November. She also gained popularity because of her lover.

On TikTok, Lil has 300,000 followers and received 4.1 million likes on her videos. Her TikTok account is under the username @xillsoup and has 1657 followers, and Instagram has 55.3k followers.

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