Call girls, Escorts and Prostitutes in Lahore

Call girls and Escorts professions end up having sex.

While social media has many benefits, it is also being used for illegal activities in Pakistan, UAE and other countries. We can see many facebook pages and groups are offering call girls, prostitutes and escorts. Before moving forward lets know about the difference between call girls, escorts and prostitutes.

What does Escort mean?

When you visit some place as a tourist, you can have some girl with you as a friend or companion to get rid of boredom. She doesn’t go with you for sexual purposes. She just provides you company. We can call such a girl an Escort.

What does Call girl mean?

At some marriage ceremony or any happy event, you can have some girl for entertainment or dance (Mujra). She entertains you and your friends but she doesn’t come for sexual purposes. Such a girl is called a call girl.

What does Prostitute mean?

A prostitute is a girl who offers having sex for money. She sells her body. She may do it at her home or can be taken to other place.

There might be difference in the definitions of call girls, escourts and prostitutes but regardless of the difference the fact is that all types of above mentioned professions end up having sex.

In Pakistan, there is no concept of having call girls and escorts just of fun or entertainment. People have them just for soothing their sexual desires. Now such girls can be seen on the sides of the roads and ready to go with strangers for having sex and earning money.

The worst side is that such people are using facebook and other social media apps for their business. If you write Escorts in Lahore, you will have some pages and groups with phone numbers for contact. This needs action by authorities.

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