Celebrity Conspiracy Theory: Everything About January Jones Baby Daddy Name

Hollywood is all about positioning and spin nowadays. People share their thoughts and theories, but none of these is based on fact or even on the testimony of anonymous sources. These are completely wrong, but some of them came out right.

January Jones announced her pregnancy in April without mentioning the child’s father’s name. There was a lot of gossips spread all around the world. They try to pull out whose seed is implanted in her fertile womb. Many sources tried and figured it out.

Let’s explore and learn about January’s baby bump. That was due in October, which means she got pregnant in February. However, she was not in a relationship with Jason Sudeikis and broke up in January. Maybe it was the child of her ex-sex, but no one was sure.

January was also filming in X-Men: First Class in February, which caused many suspects that her January jones baby daddy was one of her co-star which was involved in the film. The cast was also shocked and left with many options, including the married men. The director of the movie Matthew Vaughn has already denied that he is a dad. Is there any cast member like John DeVore?

Well, a piece of interesting information came out at that time as a friend of mine hosted a part by a woman who was dating a famous female actress. The actress is not known as gay or even bisexual. This information surprised me as she recently linked to one of January’s male X-Men co-stars Michael Fassbender. These two were seen in a romantic relationship in photographs.

So celebrity conspiracy theory; January Jones baby daddy name was revealed, and she is Michael Fassbender. It is also the fact that he fathered her baby, and the media does not know. ‘

Ladies who are dating her cover up the fact that she is dating a woman. This three January, Michael and the gay/bisexual friend are good friends and cover the issue together. Well, maybe I am wrong, and it’s really John DeVore who is responsible for these crazier things.

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